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From underdog to high-flyer: MANHART MH2 700 BMW M2!

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From underdog to high-flyer: MANHART MH2 700 BMW M2!

Imagine sitting in one BMW M2 Competition (F87), but instead of the usual power, the engine delivers insane power 715 PS. That's exactly what it does MANHART MH2 700 a coupé that not only attracts attention thanks to a series of technical and visual changes, but also has a commanding presence on the road. The brutal performance increase of 75 percent and the maximum torque of 815 Nm are the result of a combination of MANHART ECU Remapping (chip tuning) and various Hardware upgrades. A closer look at the tuned 3,0-liter S55 biturbo in-line six-cylinder reveals other components such as: MANHART Turbo Upgrade, MANHART charge air and Water Cooler by CSF, as well as the MANHART carbon intake from ARMAspeed.

the MANHART MH2 700

But it goes further: the special ones MANHART engine reinforcement theoretically even allows the engine to up to 1.200 hp to generate while MANHART charge pipes Made of aluminum to ensure optimal charge air flow. The sound carpet from the MANHART stainless steel exhaust system with the four matt black ones 100 mm tailpipes is at the same time unmistakable.

But that's not all: too down pipes, OPF-Delete replacement tubes made of stainless steel and a OPF/GPF deleter (the last three mentioned do not have TÜV approval and are intended exclusively for export) are part of the crazy overall package. But safety and especially durability also play a major role. Means MANHART crankshaft lock, One Clutch upgrade, as well as one Drexler differential the necessary stability comes into the project.

Coilover V3 Clubsport

The MANHART coilover suspension V3 Clubsport 3-fold from KW as well as a MANHART brake kit With a cooling kit that allows six-piston calipers from the F82 M4 GT4 to work on 395x34 mm discs at the front and four-piston calipers on 380x30 mm discs at the rear, round off the technical optimization. And when looking at the external and internal values ​​of the... MH2 700 The eye-catching look immediately stands out MANHART Concave One rims in satin black and in the dimensions 9×20 and 10,5×20 inches. The tire dimensions of 255/30 ZR20 & 295/25 ZR20 are just the icing on the cake in the wheel arch.

It continues with that MANHART Clubsport rear wing made of carbon, one MANHART bonnet in CS style, one Carbon front spoiler and a striking one Decor set in black with mint green details. And the MH2 700 is presented in the interior Recaro Sportster CS bucket seats, One MANHART Clubsport roll bar, color accents in mint green and a AWRON additional display as something very special. The power coupé is therefore not only a demonstration of performance, but also a masterpiece of combining optics and technology.

From underdog to high-flyer: MANHART MH2 700 BMW M2!

MANHART MH2 700: Power coupé

Note: Table not fully visible? Then scroll sideways!
Performance 715 PS and 815 Nm torque
Motor 3,0-liter S55 biturbo in-line six-cylinder with various upgrades, including MANHART turbo and **MANHART intercooler** and water cooler by CSF
exhaust system MANHART stainless steel with flap function and four 100 mm tailpipes, combined with various exhaust gas optimizations
Chassis & brakes MANHART coilover suspension V3 Clubsport and brake kit with six-piston calipers at the front (395×34 mm discs) and four-piston calipers at the rear (380×30 mm discs)
Exterior Rims: MANHART Concave One, size: 9×20 / 10,5×20, tires: 255/30 ZR20 / 295/25 ZR20. Plus various carbon add-on parts and detailed accents in black and mint green
inner space Recaro Sportster CS bucket seats, MANHART Clubsport roll bar, color accents in mint green and AWRON additional display

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From underdog to high-flyer: MANHART MH2 700 BMW M2! 

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From underdog to high-flyer: MANHART MH2 700 BMW M2!
From underdog to high-flyer: MANHART MH2 700 BMW M2!
Photo credit/source: Manhart Performance
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