Friday 22nd October 2021

Guangzhou Kocaine

The Chinese tuning company Guangzhou Kocaine Stance Factory, which is based in the metropolis of Guangzhou, more precisely "was", is the official Chinese general importer of AccuAir air suspension systems from the USA. But not only for this company, which unfortunately went bankrupt in 2020, but also for Rotiform and Niche Wheels, both rim manufacturers, they are the official importer for China. But this is not the main task of Kocaine, because they have specialized in giving vehicles a sportier appearance with the help of stance tuning or widebody kits. The company has not specialized in any brand, but is able to widen and lower any car. Unfortunately, we are not yet aware of a homepage, but on the Instagram profile kocaine_yc you can find many cars that have been refined by the tuning company, as well as contact details. If you are interested, you can click on the profile of the Chinese tuning company. More about the company is on kocaine_yc.

Mercedes E 320L 4matic (V213) with Airride chassis!

Mercedes E 320L 4matic V213 with Airride chassis header 310x165 Mercedes E 320L 4matic (V213) with Airride chassis!

Photo credit: A Mercedes E-Class is less of a popular tuning object in this country than an extremely popular taxi. It looks completely different in the Middle Kingdom, because many E-Classes are being modified in China to make the boulevards of the metropolises of millions ...

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