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Benz with an addictive factor - widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

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Widebody CLA Mercedes Tuning Header Benz with addiction factor Widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

The CLA class from Mercedes in particular is very popular with younger and tuning enthusiasts. Mercedes has thus managed to develop from a former pensioner brand to a young and hip brand - with all the advantages and disadvantages that the transformation brings with it. The AMG models in particular are all the rage among influencers and are also finding more and more fans among the so-called car posers, who brag and show off their motorized sweetheart on the boulevards of the world in the evenings and on weekends. The CLA is probably a size too small to display such a macho attitude, but it is very happy to be refined and converted around the world, like the tuning company for us Guangzhou Kocaine from China proves who put this widebody CLA on its wheels in almost a year of construction.

Show car that pulls out all the stops.

Widebody CLA Mercedes Tuning 5 Benz with addiction factor Widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

Not only the widebody kit on the Benz immediately catches the eye, as it is very strong Rocket Bunny wide body kits remembers, but at the same time has an individual style that integrates perfectly into the body shape of the CLA. The Alus are also convincing. The CLA rolls on AvantGarde forged rims, which have the model name AG540, and which immediately catch the eye with their orange powder coating. All add-on parts including the body kit are manufactured in-house by Guangzhou Kocaine, and even the door panels in the interior, as well as the rear spoiler and side skirts are custom-made. You can tell the Stuttgart's attention to detail, and the flap exhaust system from Vanhool, which shines with four symmetrically arranged tailpipes, fits seamlessly into the entire conversion work that was carried out on the body. Last but not least, an Accuair air suspension was of course installed, which is the measure of all things in China when it comes to Airride suspensions. It's a shame that the boys are broke! Without a doubt, the CLA would also cut an excellent figure in Europe at an open-brand tuning meeting.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the drive.

Widebody CLA Mercedes Tuning 7 Benz with addiction factor Widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

We think it's a shame that we haven't received any information about the engine. However, it can only be either a CLA 200 or a CLA 250, as it is definitely not an AMG version and diesel engines for passenger cars cannot be approved in China. But it is also not so important which engine is under the show car, because you definitely don't want to race with it, but rather cruise slowly and comfortably through the area to present your sweetheart to your fellow human beings.

Our conclusion to the Mercedes CLA:

The widebody CLA, which will certainly turn the head of every car and tuning fan, is further proof that the Chinese tuning scene is constantly developing and knows no boundaries. Should you also want to buy a CLA as a project car, you can get well-preserved specimens with mediocre mileage for around 25.000 euros, which you can refine as you wish. However, if you have cuckled in this widebody CLA, then we can recommend the picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Widebody CLA Mercedes Tuning 3 Benz with addiction factor Widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

Photo / s: Guangzhou Kocaine

Widebody CLA Mercedes Tuning 13 Benz with addiction factor Widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

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Mercedes CLA 35/45 (S) with AMG aerodynamic package!

Mercedes CLA 35 45 S C118 AMG Aerodynamics Package Plus 2 310x165 Benz with addictive widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

Subtly different - Mercedes CLA250 from tuner EDO tuning

Mercedes CLA250 Tuning A45 AMG Style 5 310x165 Benz with addictive widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG with 535 PS from Auto-Dynamics

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG C117 Chiptuning 42 310x165 Benz with addictive widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

Mercedes widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 Benz with addictive widebody CLA from Guangzhou Kocaine!

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