That was a bang! Daewoo was dissolved by the government of South Korea on August 26.08.1999th, 2006. Daewoo founder Kim Woo-Choong was sentenced in 10 after six years of fleeing. He brazenly falsified the company's balance sheet and was ultimately sentenced to 8,5 years in prison after an initial XNUMX years. “Großes Weltall” was the German translation for the vehicles and Daewoo was quickly out of the window. A brand that wasn't made for tuning. Lovers of the brand will certainly speak against it. Quite a few Daewoo Lanos have been polished up with often huge aprons at the front and back, but almost never really "beautiful" staged. Tuning did indeed bring some movement in some Daewoo, but when you step on the accelerator at the latest, almost every other brand passed. Nevertheless, enthusiasts will appreciate the advantages of the vehicles today. Auto tuning gave the Daewoo vehicles a little more pep, but it was never enough to transport the cars to the front seats. It was unexpected that Daewoo disappeared from the market like this. In any case, the boxes never left a lasting impression.

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