Monday, February 19, 2024

Moton Motorcycles

Since 2021, the motorcycle manufacturer and major importer KSR has been a new brand for motorcycles with Motron Motorcycles. MOTRON builds scooters, motorcycles and electric two-wheelers for everyone. In Austria, KSR has its headquarters in Gedersdorf and there are currently further branches in France (Haguenau), Spain (Barcelona) and Italy (Bolzano). The company was announced for a long time with an advertising campaign “What is the M?”. "The M" is 100% owned by KSR and is developed and tested in beautiful Austria. The sale of the products is planned worldwide and the production is carried out by two Asian partners. Motron has set itself the target group “young at heart” customers. So far (as of 02.2021) the model range has focused on smaller cubic capacity classes. Especially the good price-performance ratio should distinguish Motron. It will be interesting to see what to expect in the next few years.