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Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) - soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

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Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 G80 2 e1619519723802 Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

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Whenever BMW throws a new M model on the market, one can assume that the team from Aulitzky tuning from Neuendettelsau modified this vehicle as one of the first tuners at all. And of course he'll do it too brand new BMW M3 no exception. Shortly after the first M3 (G80) and M4 (G82) rolled into the salesrooms of BMW dealers, Aulitzky already showed a “clearly” tuned copy. Strictly speaking, it was "a month ago "! And one M3 Competition with a striking foiling from LP-Foil from Nuremberg. And immediately afterwards the eye falls on the new one Wheel set with ultra-thin Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires. Specifically, it is Yido Performance Wheels of the type YP 9.2 FORGED. They are extremely chic Multi-part in fat 21 inch format.

Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80)

The wheelset consists of forged stars and tiered beds and is Gloss black painted and fitted with silver screws. And so that the wheel set sits perfectly in the wheel arch, one had to be, of course Lowering here. And that was what the Munich-based company got in cooperation with the specialists at KW suspensions. A specially built-in Variant 4 coilover kitthat, in addition to continuously lowering, it also enables independent adjustment of the rebound damping as well as the low-speed and high-speed compression damping.

This means that the M3 can be tailored to any type of route and specifically to the driver. And the optics are also soon to be expanded. And that should be under the label "Aulitzky Forged" soon different Carbon parts getting produced. We expect a spoiler sword, canards, sill swords, a diffuser and a rear spoiler for the M3 and also the technically identical M4. More details are missing at the moment. On the other hand, we can say a lot more about the increase in performance.

850 HP and 1.000 Nm are planned "for the time being"

The BiTurbo 3,0-liter in-line six-cylinder gets one from Aulitzky three-stage power upgrade. It starts with the one that is currently available Stage 1 Variant, the stately from the 510 HP / 600 Nm 650 PS and 800 Nm can be. One is still in the development phase Stage 2 tuning (currently installed in the vehicle), that according to Aulitzky measurements 706 PS and 888 Nm spits out.

Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 G80 3 e1619519766854 Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

And then there is the (for the time being) final upgrade as Stage 3that later even enormous 850 PS and 1.000 Nm should deliver. The current vehicle is one with rear-wheel drive, but this upgrade is installed in the new xDrive M3, then Lamborghini, Porsche and Co. will have to get damn warm right from the start. And that applies to both variants from country speed onwards. And that also applies to the soundscape. Because the currently installed in-house Aulitzky Exhaust flap exhaust system ab OPF gasoline particulate filter is addictive.

double-flow 3-inch system on the M3

Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 G80 4 Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

The double-flow 3-inch system colors with approval and creates an infernal soundscape from the carbon-coated tailpipes. And if, in the course of further increases in performance, then also those currently under development down pipes Keep moving in, then it will probably be really violent. And something has even happened in the cabin. Aulitzky built Carbon shift paddles from PaddleShifterz and one painted red Isofix club sport bar by # ironed / Bavarian cartuning in the rear. But soon a screwed clubsport bracket Finding their way. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BMW M5 F90 Competition Aulitzky Tuning slider 310x165 Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

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2018 BMW M5 F90 Project by Aulitzky Tuning 3 310x165 Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

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BMW M2 Coupe Aulitzky Tuning 20 inch 2 310x165 Aulitzky Tuning BMW M3 (G80) soon with 850 PS & 1.000 NM!

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