Porsche Taycan Artcar picked up by the lucky winner!

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Porsche Taycan Artcar 1 Porsche Taycan Artcar picked up by the lucky winner!

"The tension was huge and actually I had already exceeded my upper limit when I listened to my heart and placed the final and decisive bid." - This is how John Trapletti, happy auction winner, comments of the Porsche Taycan Artcar, the special moment when he was finally awarded the special work of art.

With a lot of heart for art and cars

Trapletti, a proven sponsor of the local art scene, as well as a lover of sports cars, is particularly pleased that the entire proceeds of the equivalent of CHF 185 will go to “Suisseculture Sociale”, a non-profit foundation, the Swiss creative artists, whose industry benefited from COVID-000 -Pandemic is particularly hard hit, support. He comments: "Letting art emerge and thereby helping affected artists, that is a win-win situation."

Porsche Taycan Artcar 4 Porsche Taycan Artcar picked up by the lucky winner!

Richard Phillips, an American artist who created the design for the unique Artcar, was happy to be inspired by the Swiss artist Adolf Dietrich and, after visiting Zurich, exhibited reproductions in his home town of New York. Thanks to Trapletti, it's the other way around: he brings Phillips back to Switzerland with his interpretations of Dietrich.

John Trapletti adds: “Phillips plays skillfully with his style, like the subjects that are often drawn on top of each other. He knows how to impress in style, which I also associate with the Porsche brand, which manages to drive forward evolutions like the 911 and offer revolutions like the Taycan. "

The vehicle is not only covered with the expressive film, but also has special details, such as the title of the work of art "Queen of the Night" on the door sills, as well as projectors that illuminate the underbody with Phillips' signature when the doors are open.

The vehicle as an expression

The car and art have always been in a special relationship. A look back shows how it was admired by futurists and how often it was deformed by the pop art movement. At the same time, vehicles are modified at regular intervals as "artcars" by well-known artists into individual pieces to be driven. That was also important to Trapletti, as he notes: “You know what? With an Artcar I can go on an excursion, let the colors and shapes shine in the sunlight and admire the wonderful lines in different facets and surroundings. I am looking forward."

For John Trapletti it is the first electric car. He is looking forward to his first ride in the battery-powered Taycan: "As in art history, there are special styles in automobile construction and the Taycan, as the first all-electric car from Porsche, is a very important co-founder of a new segment."

Inga Konen, Head of Press and Public Relations at Porsche Schweiz AG, comments on the collection by John Trapletti as follows: "I am very happy that the Artcar is staying in Switzerland and I wish Mr. Trapletti a good trip and a lot of fun with his rolling work of art."

Porsche Taycan Artcar 1 Porsche Taycan Artcar picked up by the lucky winner!

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The Porsche Taycan Artcar was picked up!

Photo credit: Ringli. media GmbH

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