David Brown Automotive

Within just three years of founding 2010, the British carmaker underwent four new names, relocations and the replacement of the entire boardroom. It has done little, because the David Brown Automotive Limited could shine today with no world premiere or other innovation. In fact, there are only two more models, the speedback from 2014 and the Mini Remastered. The latter was presented at the "Top Marques 2017" in Monaco. In the design and also in the dimension the model is to the Ur-Mini of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) 1959 ajar and yet very much reminiscent of a typical mini. Due to the look and performance, this model, like all other mini versions and licensed productions, is very popular in the tuning scene and can be wonderfully engineered with the necessary components which can increase the performance tremendously. Regardless, David Brown Automotive Limited has become quite quiet except for a few custom or limited edition models. There is more about the company davidbrownautomotive.com.

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