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2009 VW Eos with Airride from the Volcano Wheels CEO!

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VW Eos Airride Volcano Wheels Tuning Header 2009 VW Eos with Airride from the Volcano Wheels CEO!

Hardtop convertibles are a type of vehicle that is almost extinct. At the turn of the millennium, the absolute trend on the streets, the often unhappily designed convertibles have almost completely disappeared from the streets today. In general, it is nowadays difficult for automobile manufacturers to sell convertibles and two-door coupés to men or women, because the SUV wave has almost completely paralyzed the market for these models. The VW Eos was also a representative of the convertible with a steel roof, and became one of the biggest flops for the Wolfsburg in recent history, as it was positioned too close to the Golf Cabrio and often had to struggle with quality problems.

A show car for sun worshipers.

Even on the sun-drenched South American continent, the vehicle is rarely found, but today we would like to introduce you to a copy that is based in Brazil and to the fleet of Sidinei Colodetti Cristo, the CEO of the Brazilian rim manufacturer Volcano Wheels, heard. At first you might think that a CEO of a wheel forge might even tune his own car, but that's not the case.

VW Eos Airride Volcano Wheels Tuning 1 2009 VW Eos with Airride from the Volcano Wheels CEO!

Both that Airride chassis called 3P from AirLift Performance, as well as the rims, of course from the company Volcano Wheels, were of East Side Kustom, a tuning company from Sao Paulo. There are on the wagon 8 × 18 inch aluminum with the model name VLCN1that come up with a sporty five-spoke look and a concave design. From our point of view, they fit perfectly with black metallic foiled Eos, who also has a blackened grill and black VW emblems received. This car is not the first representative vehicle from Volcano, because before the Eos an almost standard Renault Mégane RS served as a promotional car and test balloon for new rim models from the Brazilians.

VW Eos Airride Volcano Wheels Tuning 7 2009 VW Eos with Airride from the Volcano Wheels CEO!

But the VW convertible is much better suited as an advertising medium, among other things due to the more complex tuning, and is now used at various tuning shows all over South America. We also like the Eos a lot, because it looks discreet and stylish, and would certainly find many fans in this country if it were to be seen at a VAG meeting.

There are some changes in the interior and trunk.

The Leather interior and the leather gear knob The Eos are custom-made, and also a Trunk expansion was carried out in order to be able to install the Airride chassis perfectly. This means that there is hardly any space left for luggage, because the chassis tank takes up almost all of the space in the luggage compartment.

A 3,2-liter VR6-FSI drives the sporty Wolfsburg.

The drive takes over in this copy VR6 suction gasoline engine with 3,2 liters displacement, the from 250 HP and something maue 320 Newtonmeter maximum torque generated. Power is transmitted to the front wheels via a six-speed DSG. Equipped like this, it goes in 7,3 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and only at 247 kilometers per hour the convertible has to put down its arms. So you can also take a quick ride on the motorway and at the same time enjoy the wind with the top down, if you want.

Our Summary to this VW Eos:

A piece of jewelry that would also cause a stir in Europe, because it is discreet, professional and tastefully tuned. If you like the Eos, you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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VW Eos with Airride from the Volcano Wheels CEO!
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