2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept - Homage to old times!

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2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept MK8 10 2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept Homage to old times!

The Golf GTI has changed a lot since its introduction in 1974, even if it has essentially remained the same automobile that appeals to young and old car enthusiasts and represents the sporty spearhead of the Golf model series. Started as a sporty version of a compact car, the GTI quickly blossomed into one Tuning object finest quality. There is hardly a car in the world that is modified as often as the sportiest Golf on this side of the Über-Golf R. Of course, that hasn't changed with the eighth generation of the GTI, and so the popular tuning object of the VW scene remains true to its line.

Optics bring times past to life.

That Concept car, that from VW and BBS was presented and belongs to the enthusiast fleet (Tuning by Volkswagen USA and the VW enthusiast Jamie Orr), is only equipped with cosmetic changes and does not contain any technical modifications. The most striking feature of the GTI is the red-black stripes at the level of the door handles, which is supposed to remind of the bygone GTI times. To be more precise Style elements of the Golf II GTI mixed with those of the current Golf VIII GTI, which should result in a completely new creation that attracts a lot of attention.

2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept MK8 5 2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept Homage to old times!

An important element, of course, are the golden ones BBS Super RS ​​alloy wheels in 19-inch format (19 × 9), which have the classic waffle iron design of the BBS rim manufacturer, and thus fit perfectly into the current design line of the Golf 8. Incidentally, the mounted tires are named after them Delinte D7 and come in size 235/35 R19. The width of the tires also guarantees optimal grip in curves, because the BBS-Golf not only wants to look good, but also wants to perform on the road.

2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept MK8 4 2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept Homage to old times!

Furthermore, were also still thread springs from MR installed, and the modified suspension makes it possible to significantly change the camber. Thus, the GTi still leaves some leeway for resourceful tuners who want to realize their project, although this is an unsalable one Single copy concerns.

Nothing was changed in the interior.

Both the familiar checked patterns and the new digital instruments have been retained in full. It seems as if everything in the interior of the Golf has remained the same and nothing has changed.

2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept MK8 3 2021 VW Golf GTI BBS Concept Homage to old times!

2-liter turbo gasoline engine with factory code EA888 drives the Wolfsburg.

Under the hood there is a 2-liter turbo gasoline engine, the 245 PS and 370 Newtonmeter generated maximum torque and since the conversion to a Borla sports exhaust system is coupled. Shifting takes place with a six-speed manual transmission that transmits the power to the front wheels. So it goes in under 6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and the maximum speed is 250 km/h. This makes the current Golf GTI not only the most powerful, but also the fastest GTI of all time, and ideally suited to chasing other compact sports cars on the autobahn.

Our Summary about this VW Golf 8 GTI:

Golden rims here, golden rims; This Golf GTI pays homage to the good old days on the part of VW USA, and we are grateful to the VW tuners for taking us back to a time when the electrification of the automobile did not yet play a role. If you like the GTI, you can take a look at the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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VW Golf GTI BBS Concept - a tribute to times gone by.

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