Monday 8st March 2021


DieselSellerz (Diesel Brothers)

They are now known worldwide and they have even had their own series on DMAX. We're talking about the "Diesel Brothers" whose converted huge trucks are absolutely top-class. The company operates under the name "DieselSellerz" and the guys have relied on particularly powerful and powerful American vehicles from the brands Chevrolet, GMC or Ford specialized. The tuner knows exactly how to equip a truck with a particularly fat engine and how to pimp the look with wacky spare parts. The majority of the vehicles come in the so-called badass style, which means that the more evil and powerful, the better. Bearded buddies from Woods Cross, Utah, are particularly well known on social media. Here they cause a stir with entertaining clips and so a large fan base has already built up around the DieselSellerz (Diesel Brothers). And with the "Truck Building Simulator", the Diesel Brothers universe has even launched its own simulation game! Here you can tune your own truck with fat engines and huge spare parts!