Friday March 5th 2021


Vittorio Strosek Autodesign GmbH

Vittorio Strosek has been a committed automotive designer for over 40 years. Together with his team from Vittorio Strosek Autodesign GmbH, he often set standards in the areas of processing quality and design language. In addition to its excellent design programs, Strosek is also a sought-after development partner in the automotive industry. Where in 1971 Strosek Design specializes in tuning Porsche Vehicles, the company has devoted over the years to numerous other vehicle models for car tuning. For BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini, Nissan, Honda, Ferrari, Jaguar, Bitter and more, the Vittorio has already done numerous jobs, which documents a brilliant design career. Where the company was still based in Utting at the beginning of its existence, the current headquarters of the subsequent company is in Stegen am Ammersee. Thus, the tuner is settled in Germany and offers unique designs for the vehicle in addition to the highest quality - according to your ideas and in perfection. In addition to refinement in the field of design, Strosek Design also deals with the aerodynamics of vehicles. There is more about the company