The Swedish manufacturer Saab was founded in the year 1947 in Trollhättan and produced until the bankruptcy 2012 Automobile. The company history began with the independent development and production of automobiles, for example the model Saab 92001 or Saab 600. For 1985, the company began to plan and find various collaborations, as the sale of their own models collapsed and did not recover for the time being. After the failure of a co-operation with Ford one decided 1989 for General Motors as a partner. Apart from short, small success stories, the company only recorded losses, which ultimately ended in bankruptcy. But each end also means a fresh start at the same time: the company "National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB" took over the insolvent vehicle manufacturer and is still developing new Saab models today. One of the most recent is the Saab 91. In today's tuning scene, there are still many old Saab models, meanwhile, these have also become cult somehow, similar to the Trabi, The German company Heuschmid has specialized in the vehicle tuning of all Saab models and offers this service even today.

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