Tata Motors

DThe company Tata Motors put 2008 the hugely popular Tata Nano before, a four-seater in the absolute miniature format, ideally suited for a life in big cities. After 10 years, the production 2018 was discontinued, as sales fell. One can assume, however, that were produced over 500.000 pieces, if the same 2017 monthly only 50-1000 piece ran off the line. Tata Motors is the largest car manufacturer in India, founded by 1945. The headquarters of the corporation is located in Mumbai. Every year, Tata Motors transacts 35,75 billion euros and produces hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year. Regardless of the production stop, these Tata Nanos are and would be very popular in vehicle tuning because of their small size. When tuning friends probably jumped the heart in a circle as 2015 a Tata Nano in aufgemöbelter version (including 233 PS) was announced. Unfortunately, nothing has come of it, but the tuning love will not pass so quickly.