Clean car seats with simple home remedies!

Car seats sometimes need to be cleaned because they can get dirty. No matter what kind of car you drive, there are different spots that are easy to deal with home remedies have it removed. Water stains, limescale and other dirt can be present on the car seats. And how do you remove stains from car seats? Just with water? There are different home remedies! Because sometimes you can hardly tell if the stain is a grease stain, a water stain, a lime stain or any other stain?

Pay attention to the reference!

A leather cover can be treated differently than a fabric cover. Textile fabric is much more sensitive to stains than leather. Leather is very tough when it comes to stains. Of course, leather is also easy to care for. Acid stain removers can even be used on leather covers. With microfiber fabrics, cleaning agents from the hardware store usually do not bring the desired success. But simple home remedies often work well for stains on car seats.

Clean car seats with shaving foam!

For cleaning car seats shaving cream a good home remedy. Shaving foam is also often used when cleaning carpets. Since the interior of cars is sometimes also carpeted, the shaving foam is a good choice to bring the car to a shine. Shaving foam removes water and grease stains. Applying shaving foam is easy and leaves no unpleasant odors. To clean stains, leave the shaving cream on the stain for half an hour. You can then remove the shaving foam with a slightly damp cloth.

Clean car seats with vinegar water!

Vinegar is also a good home remedy for getting rid of stains. Vinegar is present in almost every household and can also be used for stains on car seats. vinegar water can be used on leather, imitation leather and fiber fabrics. And vinegar water also removes chalky stains. To do this, let the vinegar water drip onto a sponge and dab the stains with the sponge. After a few minutes of exposure, you can remove the vinegar with a damp cloth.

Clean car seats with lemon water!

If you don't have vinegar water to hand or don't like the smell, you can too Lemon water use for spot treatment. Lemon water works well against water stains and grease stains. The application is similar to vinegar water. Put lemon water on a sponge before dabbing the stains with lemon water. Spread carefully on the affected stains and leave to act. Then wipe off with a slightly damp cloth.

Clean car seats with salt!

salt good for absorbing moisture. That is why it is often used against water stains. Slightly dampen the car seat. Then sprinkle salt on top. Here is the exposure time two hours. Then remove the salt again. The stain or stains should be gone afterward.

Clean car seats with icing spray

If it's the stains not It can also be water or grease stains icing spray be a good home remedy. Icing spray works very well on limescale deposits or stains made of sugar. Simply apply the icing spray to the stains and let it sink in. You can remove the icing spray with a soft brush. Make sure the spray no oil additives has with it.

Clean leather seats with home remedies

Leather seats vary in texture. Smooth leather, suede and artificial suede are usually used for car seats. Smooth leather is mostly used for car seats. Smooth leather is relative pflegeleicht. For smooth leather colorless shoe polish a good choice. Colorless shoe polish cleans the surface of smooth leather and cares for it so that it remains supple. Due to the permanent wear and tear of the leather, regular care is particularly important to ensure that it remains supple. If the leather is stubbornly dirty, you can use the Vacuum cleaner furniture brush and clean with a slightly damp cloth. Also suitable for stubborn dirt Cleaning eraser on smooth leather. Also a cloth that with Dish soap soaked can help against the stains. Gently circle the cloth over the stains. Then you can apply the colorless shoe polish again and wipe it off with a soft, lint-free cloth. Finally, on leather car seats, use a special polishing cloth , or nylon stocking for polishing. Please note that with leather seats not rub or chafe. Leather must be treated gently. Otherwise it can discoloration kommen.

Remove odors from the interior!

If you let dogs in the car, or have other stains in the car that smell, you also want the smells out of the car. However, odors in the car can be stubborn. For odor removal Vinegar another good home remedy. Mix kitchen vinegar in a bucket of lukewarm water and wipe down all car seats with it. The smell of vinegar is only present when applying. He disappears again after a few hours. Vinegar water is good at fighting other odors. For stubborn odors, vinegar water is a good option for making the odor go away.

How to prevent stains on car seats!

When using car seats, stains sometimes occur. To avoid stains, you can put blankets on the car seats. Blankets or slipcovers help prevent stains on the car seats. While protective covers are sometimes not as beautiful as the car seat itself, they are easier to replace. You can also always keep cleaning wipes in the car so you can quickly remove stains.

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