1972 Audi 100 (C1) Coupé as Restomod with Airride!

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1972 Audi 100 Coupe Restomod Airride suspension tuning head 1972 Audi 100 (C1) Coupé as Restomod with Airride!

Such a classic one Audi 100 coupe is actually a rarity for collectors today, which is rarely found on public roads. The British tuner Andy Riley is arguably a major exception in the VAG scene, because he has heavily modified and refined such a collector's item. This 100 Coupé is a so-called one Restomod. He wanted to create something even crazier than the world-famous VW T5 with five-cylinder turbo engine and 700 hp, which is one of his masterpieces, so he got an old, rusty Audi, more precisely the aforementioned Audi 100 Coupé, to get out of it to create a restomod project of the finest quality.

Oldschool tuning at it's best.

Although the body is for the most part series production, a Front bumper from the Audi 100 C3 installed, and all chrome parts were new chrome. It also became the classic in color Porsche Samurai Gray lacquered, a mousy shade that, in our opinion, fits perfectly. In order to stick very close to the asphalt if necessary, a Airride chassis with AirLift 3H control installed, and there were three-piece 18-inch rims from the legendary Lancia Delta HF Turbo raised. These rims give the extravagant coupé a very special charm. Serve as a tire 215/35 tires on the front axle, while on the rear axle 225/35 slippers were raised.

There were also three Torpedo compressors for the air suspension in the newly designed trunk placed, because as is well known, no Airride chassis works without tanks and compressors. The vehicle's braking system is a nice mix Four piston calipers of Maserati and brake discs of a VW Passat with a diameter of 288 mm. Also on the rear axle disc brakes installed, which replace the original drum brakes. This guarantees optimal deceleration if necessary, even at higher speeds.

Custom interior with great attention to detail.

The first thing to do is to drop the Recaro seats where the headrests have been removed. Furthermore, the Steering wheel of a Ford Mustang, and the Recaros were made with saddle brown leather from Ferrari overdrawn. The center console was also redesigned by hand, and that Ignition lock comes from VW.

The way food is Window cranks and the inner ones Door handles come from VW, more precisely from a VW Beetle. A Retrosound sound system with Hertz two-channel speakers, Hertz 10-inch subwoofers, and four-channel tweeters, which also come from Herz, ensure a lot of bass and pressure when you turn on the radio.

1,8-liter turbo gasoline engine powers the Audi 100

1972 Audi 100 Coupe Restomod Airride suspension tuning 18 1972 Audi 100 (C1) Coupé as Restomod with Airride!

The drive source originally came from one VW Passat 1,8T, and has the factory code (AEB). The aggregate was reprogrammed using a hybrid KKK03 turbocharger, a recalibrated ECU 215 hp and 275 Newton meters of maximum torque pushed. In addition, a K&N air filters built in, and a Five-speed manual from a VW Passat sends the power to the front wheels. A highlight in the engine compartment is that painted engine blockthat harmonizes perfectly with the saddle brown interior. We assume that the driving performance is completely sufficient, but we have no data on it. The low weight and the relatively high performance should provide a lot of propulsion.

Our conclusion on this Audi 100 Coupé:

An absolutely fantastic project that the British tuner Andi Riley put on the wheels. If you also liked the car, you can have a look at the corresponding picture gallery at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1972 Audi 100 Coupé Restomod with Airride chassis!
Photo credit: Si Gray via fastcar.co.uk

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