Thursday 28rd September 2023

Alfa Romeo

In 1910 in Milan, Alexandre Darracq founded the Società Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili - ALFA for short. Today the company is based in Turin, Italy. After 5 years the company went bankrupt and was taken over by Nicola Romeo. This is how the name Alfa Romeo came about. The brand only became really popular in 1953 with the Giulietta. The car impressed with its sophisticated technology - five gears, two overhead camshafts and four disc brakes and all at an affordable price. After Alfa Romeo had gradually gone downhill, 1986 took hold Fiat and thus appropriated a sporting figurehead. The fan base of Alfa Romeo is great. Who drives an Alfa, drives him with body and soul. Tuning also plays a big role in the AR scene. The crowds flock to the annual auto-tuning meeting. Passionmeeting is especially popular in Interlaken in Switzerland.

The renaissance of the four-cylinder: Legendary, despite the small number of cylinders!

V8, V10, V12 - these are the engines that traditionally make the hearts of car enthusiasts beat faster. The power packs have made history and are unforgettable in the automotive world. But who says size is always everything? The often underestimated four-cylinder, ...

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