Video: Tesla Model S Plaid vs. 763 PS Audi RS3 Limo!

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Tesla Model S Plaid Vs. 763hp Audi RS3 Limo 3

Currently there is probably NO road-legal production vehicle with a combustion engine that can compete a quarter mile against the Tesla Model S plaid wins. However is - Updated 02.2022 – it is also clear that there is not really much that can be done with an electric vehicle in terms of additional performance. In vehicles with combustion engines, however, the situation is completely different. They can be extremely violent modified to get even better performance. But is that enough to defeat the Tesla? In this video it is said to be a heavily tuned Audi RS3 sedan to attempt. She crashes into a brand new Tesla Model S Plaid. The video comes from the Sam CarLegion channel on YouTube and shows an RS3 with a heavily tuned 2,5 liter inline five cylinder 753 BHP (763 PS), which hit the road with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive.

an in-line five-cylinder vs. three electric motors

The weight of the RS3 is only 1.574 kg, with which a power to weight ratio 2,06 kg per KW results. On the other hand, there is the Model S Plaid with an electric drive with three motors that work together 1.020 PS send to all four wheels. At first glance, the Model S is significantly more powerful, but due to an unladen mass of 2.184 kg, the power-to-weight ratio is also included 2,14kg. per KW even a touch worse. So does the modified RS3 have a chance against the mighty Model S Plaid? The solution is in the video!


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