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"Are you AMG-ready?" Campaign for the new brand positioning of Mercedes-AMG!

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Are you AMG ready 3 "Are you AMG ready?" Campaign for the new brand positioning of Mercedes AMG!

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Reason and objective

  • The new campaign “Are you AMG-ready?” Marks the beginning of the positioning of the Mercedes-AMG brand as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz with the aim of strengthening the product portfolio as a performance luxury brand. The campaign not only introduces a new brand identity and attitude for AMG, it also forms the communicative prelude to all upcoming product campaigns. It is intended to bind existing customers to the brand and to conquer new target groups. In doing so, she concentrates on the timeless AMG spirit.
  • AMG was born on the racetrack and continues to live up to that legacy. The roots in motorsport form the basis for sustained success: speed, enthusiasm for performance, team spirit, the will to win - all of these have always distinguished AMG. Customers can continue to rely on this. AMG is currently consistently driving the transformation of the company and is redefining the future of driving performance. The electrification of the drive train - for example under the technology label "E PERFORMANCE" - plays a central role.
  • "Performance" in this context means more than just motorsport, top speed or driving dynamics. Performance stands for the power to create new values, the energy to enable progress and the will to achieve all goals. Performance is what drives the world.
  • At the same time, the brand profile is being further developed. This includes, among other things, a stronger focus on lifestyle and addressing new target groups, especially younger people and women.
  • “Luxury” goes beyond the product: it is the emotional moment that the brand revolves around when something new is opened up.
  • The idea and concept of the campaign came from the agency of the British star photographer and director Rankin. “Are you AMG-ready?” Is the first campaign by the London team as the new lead agency for Mercedes-AMG.

"The claim 'Are you AMG-ready?' sums up our transformation to a performance luxury brand. We are ready to redefine Driving Performance and open our brand to new target groups. We combine the AMG spirit with the luxury of the lifestyle of tomorrow and will thus further strengthen the fascination for the Mercedes-AMG brand, ”said Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

“AMG has such a great range of outstanding sports cars that it was a pleasure to create this campaign. We're celebrating the portfolio and repositioning the brand with some cool characters for an exciting future, ”says Rankin, who photographed and directed the work.

Content-light concept

  • In addition to numerous social media assets, the kick-off campaign includes a long (60 seconds) and four short films (30 seconds each), each of which tells an individual story. The focus is on four highlight vehicles from the AMG model portfolio: the historic milestones SLS AMG Electric Drive and 300 E 5.6 AMG "The Hammer" as well as the current Mercedes-AMG G 63 vehicles (combined fuel consumption: 14,4 l / 100 km | CO2Emissions combined: 330 g / km)[1] and Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series (combined fuel consumption: 12,8 l / 100 km | CO2Emissions combined: 292 g / km) 1.
    • The SLS Electric Drive stands for technology, pioneering spirit, electrification and exclusivity under the umbrella term "Silence".
    • “Sound” is the leitmotif for the V8-fired 300 E 5.6 as an unmistakable ambassador for the brand's history and as a coveted collector's item.
    • The G 63 enters the race with “Strength” for lifestyle, timeless design, superiority and luxury.
    • And the most powerful AMG V8 production model, the AMG GT Black Series, embodies pure “power” with authentic motorsport technology and the highest level of exclusivity. The film ends with an outlook on the electrified future of AMG, the Project ONE, and invites the viewer on the journey.

Visual concept and tonality

  • With the campaign, Mercedes-AMG is introducing new imagery and a self-confident tonality - freedom-loving and rebellious - and provides an outlook on upcoming product campaigns that will follow in the course of the year for new Mercedes-AMG models.
  • The situations in which protagonists and vehicles can be seen in the spots are unusual and surprising. The questions always arise: How did the cars get in there? And who is driving around with it?
    • In the SLS Electric Drive, a woman escapes everyday life and seeks freedom in the desert - "Ride to Freedom".
    • The 300 E 5.6 serves as a sound machine. The protagonist creates a track from the sounds and heats up the party.
    • The G 63 creates an oversized AMG lettering through dynamic driving over splashing puddles of paint.
    • In the Black Series, a self-confident woman picks up her appointment for a special kind of speed date - the young gentleman with a classic bouquet of flowers and impeccable manners is more than surprised.

Campaign claim and target group

  • The campaign starts with the message: “This is our legacy, imagine our future. Are you AMG-ready? "
  • The claim “Are you AMG-ready?” Initiates the transformation of the brand as a performance luxury brand and appeals to two target groups: the performance-conscious and loyal customers who have appreciated the extraordinary potential of AMG vehicles for many years, and Lifestyle-oriented buyers who are looking for that special kick and are pioneers in sustainable consumption.

Dramaturgy, media mix and time period

  • International, multi-week campaign with a focus on social media, playout via own and external channels.
  • Teaser phase started with pictures from week 16:
    • Teaser I shows the four vehicles with detailed shots.
    • Teaser II connects the protagonists with the vehicles.
  • In the extension, the topics will be deepened with further stories on the social media channels.
  • Launch of the 60-second hero film on May 3, followed by the four 30-second films, which can be experienced via the following link:

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“Are you AMG-ready?” - The campaign for the new brand positioning of Mercedes-AMG

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