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500 hp racer for the road and the racetrack: Baltasar Revolt!

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BALTASAR REVOLT 1 PS Racer for street and racetrack: Baltasar Revolt!

Photo credit: Balthazar

There is a new brand in the firmament of electric sports cars. This is called Balthazar and comes from Barcelona in Spain. And with the "Revolt" you also have one 500 hp racer for the racetrack and the road brought along. Company founder Baltasar López is an automotive engineer and technology entrepreneur and shows the Revolt, one of the most extreme options to date to drive an electrically powered vehicle. The open one two-seater is especially designed for fast lap times on a racetrack, but is allowed to also on the street. The dimensions are 3,95 meters long, 1,85 meters wide and with a height of only 88 centimeters it is extremely flat.

weighs only 770 kilograms

If you add that  Roll bar then it becomes 1,11 meters. That is still a value with which you can get “under” every parking garage barrier. The chassis and body are completely off Carbon fiber laminate manufactured and so the speedster weighs with integrated safety cell according to FIA specifications only 770 kilograms. And they hit 507 hp and a huge 1.000 Nm of torque thanks to two midship electric motors. Of course, only those are fired Rear wheels.

BALTASAR REVOLT 13 PS Racer for street and racetrack: Baltasar Revolt!

The units positioned in the middle of the vehicle work, however independent one wheel each, so the drive also allows Torque vectoring. The revolt reached after only 2,5 seconds the 100 km / h Mark when the battery is fully charged. But information on 250 kg heavy battery pack from Millor (sits behind the pilot) Baltasar has not yet done this. According to the website, the range according to WLTP should be over 600 kilometers lie. You will probably not reel it down in one piece with this type of vehicle.

5 minutes for another 100 kilometers

BALTASAR REVOLT 3 PS Racer for street and racetrack: Baltasar Revolt!

Much more important, on the other hand, is the information for the racetrack. And there is a term of only around 40 minutes Driving fun much sooner. However, thanks to the 700-volt drive system, the Revolt can be quickly loaded into just 5 minutes to recharge for another 100 kilometers and the charging socket is practically built into the dashboard. Incidentally, the aerodynamics are only characterized by front spoiler, one complete covered underbody and a thick one rear diffuser out. You put on the chassis fully adjustable, horizontally mounted strutsthat is about Pushrods prop up. And inside? There are spartan ones for the driver and front passenger Carbon seat shells with six-point belts and a clear view upwards and also to the front.

no roof and no windshield

BALTASAR REVOLT 6 PS Racer for street and racetrack: Baltasar Revolt!

Denn neither a roof nor a windshield are apparently intended. And the driver's seat can only be reached by using the removable Carbon steering wheel without airbag away and the driver's gaze wanders over a few controls. And the speedster probably only achieved road approval due to the built-in rearview mirror and the LED lights all around. By the way, the price of is less minimalistic 230.000 euros plus taxes. But if that doesn't matter, the Revolt can be received from the second half of 2022.

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