Video: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Pro Touring vehicle!

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1967 Chevrolet Camaro Pro Touring Vehicle 1

A vehicle that is completely self-built is never really “finished”, but often requires various tests and new adjustments in order to keep getting better and better. And this is also the case with the one shown in the following video Big Block Chevy Camaro the case that has been "completed" for 10 years and is slowly but surely preparing to actually be completed. The video is from AutotopiaLA and is about 10 minutes long. In the film there is a tour of the vehicle, there are many technical details and a few driving shots from the cabin can also be seen. The car became complete from the owner built and has only done about a thousand miles in its current condition.

Hidden headlights!

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Pro Touring Vehicle 3

Visually, the Camaro impresses with a gloomy look all in one Subaru grey and only the most necessary details. When you consider how much power it puts on the road, the looks are downright nondescript. The front end is with hidden headlights stocked while special details like that Door handles of a 2010 Camaro give the classic something extra. Both Rims are custom-made rounds in the format 18 × 10 and 18 × 12 inches, which with Tires in format 295 or 335. the Cabin is also revised and with a Pontiac GTO cockpit from 2004. The seats offer a lot of lateral support and are equipped with the Chevy Bow Tie emblem in the backrests. There is also one DSE roll cage.

8 cubic inch big block V502

And under the hood? There sits one Big block V8 with 502 cubic inches displacement, the one Dry sump lubrication owns. Of course, the powerplant is extensive modified and even with one Custom cylinder head stocked. The peak performance was impressive on a dyno 800 PS measured. The engine is coupled to a Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission and an Ford 9 inch rear. a front one subframe by Art Morrison, a front suspension from the C6 Corvette, one DSE Quadralink rear suspension and double adjustable Ridetech shock absorbers complete the changes on the chassis side. In addition, the load is Z06 Corvette brake system stopped.


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