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Chiptuning - advantage but also disadvantage

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How easy it is to make a modern car of today more powerful. Everything is almost only electronically regulated. Previously, other nozzles were installed in the carburetor, new camshafts, etc. Sure, at least the modified camshafts, there are still today. Only the tune by software is always more effective. The advantage of doing chiptuning relatively simple is probably the highest.

PowerBox tuningblog 1 300x300 Chiptuning advantage but also disadvantageBut there are also risks and dangers involved in chip tuning. After chip tuning, the engine usually has no more power reserves because the parameters are changed in such a way that the tolerances are used up. Regardless of whether the control chip is rewritten or the control unit is simply fooled into “wrong” data using an additional box. In particular, the amount of air, the time of injection and the amount of injection or the boost pressure of the turbocharger are changed during chip tuning and often pushed to the limits of durability. Some tuners achieve performance values ​​of more than 40%! That also means 40% more stress for all components. These high tuning values ​​can be achieved especially with the turbodiesel.

PowerBox tuningblog 2 300x300 Chiptuning advantage but also disadvantageSo it is logical that such a tuned engine wears out much faster, the built-in parts are ultimately not designed for the extra power permanently. A serious tuner will therefore never “brag” about the best and greatest performance improvements but always point out the steadfastness and possibly even various guarantees. It should also be noted that the factory warranty almost always expires through tuning (with the exception of tuning ex works, such as is offered by BMW at M-Performance GmbH). Of course, the chip tuning and the performance achieved through it must also be entered in the vehicle documents, if this is not done you drive an unauthorized vehicle and risk your driver's license and insurance cover.

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