Video: Elektromod BMW 1602 with full restoration!

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Elektromod BMW 1602 Restoration BBS Tuning 1

More and more classics have one instead of the combustion engine E-Motor under the hood. Although the sound of the classic vintage car is lost, it can still be driven in the future. And this one BMW 1602 from 1975 is such a conversion. The transformation was carried out by Electric Classic Cars (ECC) from Wales and there was also a full one restoration. Then you installed one Electric motor and a Battery pack and the 1602 is ready for the future. Specifically acts as a drive HyPer 9 electric motor, which sends 120 PS & 235 Newton meters of torque to the rear wheels. It is with the gearbox bell from the original Four-speed manual transmission coupled so that the driver can/must shift through the gears as usual.

Electromod BMW 1602 from ECC

And since the oldi only weighs 1.064 kilograms and the weight is distributed 58 to 42%, brisk cruising is definitely possible. For the sprint of 0 to 100 km/h takes 7,5 seconds and the Top speed is 161 km / h. With the 16 LG Chem lithium-ion cells (40 kWh), a maximum range of up to 241 kilometers should be possible. Visually, the 1602 is a noble oak green wrapped and he also stands on 15 inch BBS replica rims. One is hiding behind them Brembo brakes front and middle Eibach springs there was even a lowering of 30 millimeters. And the cost? Including donor car you have to 94.000 Euros expected.


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