Friday April 16, 2021

GAD Motors tunes the Mercedes A 45 AMG on 427PS

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After the more than 900PS strong C-Class, GAD-Motors has now got its hands on the next model from Mercedes and is tuning the Mercedes A 45 AMG. For several years now, the era of turbo engines (thanks to downsizing) has experienced a high-altitude flight, the tuning options compared to high-displacement naturally aspirated engines have increased enormously. The manufacturers are forced to charge the smaller engines in order to meet the performance requirements of the customers. An absolute asset to the tuner.

45 GAD Motors tunes the Mercedes A 1 AMG on 45PS

(Photos: MH Photography / GAD Motors)

online shop GAD Motors tunes the Mercedes A 45 AMG on 427PS

The best example is the Mercedes A 45 AMG from GAD Motors which has already been optimized by other tuners such as Brabus, Väth, Posaidon. Of course, GAD Motors wants something from the cake and is also taking on the 360 ​​hp AMG engine. The result of all this is 427PS and 550Nm torque which, considering the size of the A-Class, promise a lot of fun. GAD Motors achieves the extra performance through new software that is installed on the engine control unit. The tuner has optically refined the AMG with a KW coilover kit, various carbon add-on parts and black OZ rims.

Smava tuningblog Kredit 12 e1618563898711 GAD Motors tunt den Mercedes A 45 AMG auf 427PS

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