Friday 15nd October 2021

Hartmann Tuning processes the VW T5

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Hartmann Tuning proves that a useful car doesn't have to be boring and lame. This time the Bulli (VW T5) bus was tuned and not too close. Hartmann is certainly not the first tuner who comes up with the idea of ​​tuning the T5 bus, but the result is more consistent than with the competition.

Hartmann VW T5 tuning 1 Hartmann tuning edited the VW T5

(Photos: Hartmann Tuning)

online shop Hartmann Tuning processes the VW T5

The T5 is definitely no longer the newest model, but with the accessories from Hartmann Tuning in conjunction with more power, it is completely up-to-date again! Hartmann increases the performance of the T5 2,0 TDI from 140PS / 340NM torque to 166PS / 395NM.

Hartmann VW T5 tuning 2 Hartmann tuning edited the VW T5The twin turbo of the 2-liter TDI is even tuned from 179PS / 400NM to a tight 212PS / 460NM torque. Hartmann Tuning has retrofitted the original suspension with performance suspension springs from Bilstein so that the additional power can also be safely implemented.

Hartmann VW T5 tuning 3 Hartmann tuning edited the VW T5Not only has the dynamics been increased, no, the T5 has been lowered by 35mm, which is particularly good in connection with the chic set of 20-inch alloy wheels and the tires in the dimension 275/35.

Hartmann VW T5 tuning 4 Hartmann tuning edited the VW T5Hartmann also seems to like that when a car has more power you should automatically hear it much sooner. In any case, the built-in exhaust system causes a lot of riot. On the outside, Hartmann has installed a new front and rear apron as well as side skirts and various chrome strips inside and outside.

Hartmann VW T5 tuning 5 Hartmann tuning edited the VW T5

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