Video: Prior Design widebody kit for the Lexus LFA!

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Prior Design Widebody Kit For The Lexus LFA 4

From the dreamy Lexus LFA as is well known, only 500 copies built. And given the rarity, it's no surprise that very few have been tuned. But if there ever was a body kit from Prior Design for the Japanese super sports car, it could look something like the one from the following video. It shows an LFA with a Wide body kit. This means that the LFA is no longer so elegant, but it is definitely eye-catching. And we really like the extensive add-on parts. The front of the kit consists of a modified one Apron with XXL splinters and newly shaped air inlets, the Japanese were also given new ones headlights with LED daytime running lights and Prior Design also has another bonnet built in with distinctive air openings.

Prior widebody kit on the Lexus LFA

Of course, they shouldn't be missing issued wheel arches front and rear and enormous side skirts with sill swords are also built in. Also a new one Wheelset in gold is there and of course the rear has not been left untouched. There's a powerful one here rear wing with a little look from the Nürburgring package and also a big one diffuser and new LED taillights are virtual installed. Basically a very coherent design, but with a high probability that Prior Design will never come out on the street.


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Prior Design widebody kit for the Lexus LFA!

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