Tuesday August 3, 2021

Messerschmitt works

The Messerschmitt cabin scooter was a scooter mobile made by the German designer Fritz M. Fend for 2470 marks. The first mobiles were called Fend Flitzer and were manufactured in Rosenheim before series production of the KR 1953 began in January 175 at the Messerschmitt plant in Regensburg (Regensburg steel and metal construction). The Messerschmitt cabin scooter was an absolute cult mobile in the 1950s. In 2021 the three-wheeled mini car will celebrate a comeback with a roof or as a convertible. Equipped with a small combustion engine or with an electric drive. The Messerschmitt works are currently located in Malaga, Spain. Both vehicles are also built there. The Spanish manufacturer licensed the name "Messerschmitt-Werke" directly from the Messerschmitt Foundation. The vehicles are therefore not original Messerschmitt.