Wednesday April 21th 2021

Mercedes A-class sharpened by Rowen International

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Rowen has tuned the Premium Edition Mercedes A-Class quite conspicuously and is now offering the body kit for conversion. If the premium edition, which is special from the factory, is not "special" enough, the tuner Rowen International can help. The look of the Baby Benz becomes more aggressive and sporty in one fell swoop.

Rowen Mercedes A Class 1 Mercedes A class sharpened by Rowen International

(Photos: Rowen International)

online shop Mercedes A class sharpened by Rowen International

Visually, of course, you have to say very clearly that it is a matter of taste, a Mazda or a Mitsubishi is with such a body kit in our eyes to reconcile rather than the A-Class. Again, it is a Japanese tuner, and in Japan the tuning is operated differently is fact. The tuning package includes the following parts:

Rowen Mercedes A Class 2 Mercedes A class sharpened by Rowen International

  • Front bumper with vertical LED lights
  • side skirts
  • Rear apron with integrated diffuser
  • LED light
  • Sports exhaust system with four-pipe optics
  • roof spoiler

In our opinion, the body kit is just a size too big on almost every corner, this is particularly clear with the rear spoiler and the front bumper. But anyone who likes such a conspicuous appearance can access it without hesitation, the TÜV etc. everything is available.


Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Mercedes A Class sharpened by Rowen International

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