Mercedes-AMG: "55 years - changing the game"

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Mercedes AMG "55 Years Changing The Game

In its 55-year company history, Mercedes-AMG has repeatedly set standards in the performance and sports car market and thus written an impressive success story: from the two-man start-up of the founders Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in 1967 to today's ultra-modern development site with its own engine factory, more than 2.000 highly qualified employees and a unique vehicle portfolio. The new brand campaign picks up on this extraordinary development with the claim "55 years - changing the game" and at the same time points to the future. Mercedes-AMG employees and prominent brand ambassadors act as game changers for the company. They encourage you to think and act like a game changer yourself. Vehicle pairings with historical and current icons from the AMG model portfolio round off the 360‑degree campaign. It can be seen on all relevant Mercedes-AMG social media channels from mid-June to the end of July 2022.

55 years – changing the game

The company, founded in 1967 by the engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, has not only achieved numerous successes in motorsport. With the development of unique road vehicles, Mercedes-AMG has continued to expand its position as one of the leading performance and sports car brands. Legendary model icons such as the 300 SEL 6.9 AMG racing touring car, the 300 E 5.6 “The Hammer”, the CLK DTM or the SLS AMG Electric Drive have repeatedly confirmed the brand’s reputation as a game changer.

That still applies today: the Mercedes-AMG ONE brings modern and efficient Formula 1™ hybrid drive technology from the race track to the road for the first time worldwide. With one combustion engine and four electric motors, the hypercar delivers a total of 782 kW (1.063 hp) and demonstrates how the future of driving performance is setting new records. The Vision AMG design study provides a glimpse of the future: Under the skin of the four-door coupé is the independent AMG.EA platform, which is currently being developed in Affalterbach for all-electric performance models with revolutionary e-drive technology.

Mercedes AMG ONE tuning 2022 Premiere 41

“AMG has been reinventing itself again and again for 55 years. As was the case with our founding fathers, there is a very special spirit of optimism in Affalterbach today. The course is clearly set for an electrified future. And as in all previous years, our standards for future projects are extremely high. I am proud that we can rely on the best employees at our location. Because they are real game changers that make AMG so special. And that's what we want to emphasize with our campaign," says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Brand campaign with authentic personal and car stories

"55 years - changing the game" takes up this spirit and translates it into a 360-degree social media campaign - with authentic stories of people and vehicles as video clips and stills. The implementation contains numerous, mutually complementary elements. AMG employees communicate their statements about "changing the game" via their social channels. The brand ambassadors, Susie Wolff, David Coulthard and Lewis Hamilton underline the core message with their statements and build a bridge from tradition to the future.

Mercedes AMG G 63 Edition 55 W463A Tuning 7

Iconic pairings of historical and current as well as future vehicles testify to the unbroken innovative power of the brand. In addition, editorial contributions on the official Mercedes-AMG website, a special exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Museum, a temporary exhibition in the AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach, and a special episode "Inside AMG" on YouTube honor the 55th anniversary of AMG from different perspectives. This also applies to direct customer contact at the point of sale. Here, setbacks with the key visuals refer to the anniversary. The renewed cooperation with various content creators such as Sparkly.jada, kayo.daniel or Nictures, who distribute clips about "changing the game" on the TikTok platform to match the campaign, was particularly exciting.

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance F1 EDITION 2

The current portfolio of Mercedes‑AMG includes more than 50 vehicles. The selection ranges from performance vehicles in different body types to completely independently developed sports cars such as the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door or the new Mercedes-AMG SL. The range of drives has also been continuously developed in line with market requirements and customer requests and currently offers efficiency-optimized combustion engines with four, six or eight cylinders. In addition, Mercedes‑AMG is consistently pursuing the path of the Future of Driving Performance: Performance hybrids with a unique drive layout and technology from Formula 1™ are offered under the E PERFORMANCE label. The portfolio also includes fully electric AMG derivatives based on the Group's own EVA2 platform. Completely independent battery-electric AMG models based on the new electrical architecture (AMG.EA), developed entirely in-house, will also follow in the near future. Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes AMG ONE tuning 2022 Premiere 55

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