Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

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Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS 2 Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

With the Concept EQS, Mercedes-Maybach gives a concrete outlook on the first fully electric series model of the traditional luxury brand. The SUV concept vehicle is based on the modular architecture for electric vehicles of the luxury and upper class from Mercedes-Benz and leads the exclusivity of Maybach into a locally emission-free future. The near-series one-off shows typical Maybach identification features such as the complex two-tone paintwork, but with the innovative drive technology it also takes a step towards a significantly more progressive brand presentation. In the interior, the rear area becomes a comfortable place to work or relax thanks to executive seats and the chauffeur package. There are also exclusive details such as the new door panels, the armrests of which are designed like high-quality sideboards. Or trim parts in white piano lacquer and materials in deep sea blue, which create the feel-good atmosphere on board like on a noble yacht.

Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS

The Mercedes-Maybach brand has always stood for state-of-the-art technology, craftsmanship with the highest precision and exclusivity. She is considered a pioneer in defining luxury, style and status. Mercedes-Maybach is a legend that is constantly reinventing itself. In 1921 Wilhelm and Karl Maybach began building automobiles with the aim of creating “the very best of the very best”. It is this claim that has been creating the unique aura of Mercedes-Maybach for 100 years.

Maybach customers are looking for something special and the aim is to exceed their expectations. With the highest standards in terms of exclusivity and individuality, elegant design and perfect craftsmanship as well as the latest technology. Because customers in the core markets of China, Russia, South Korea, USA and Germany are on average getting younger and younger, the definition of luxury is also changing.

“Many of our Mercedes-Maybach customers are digitally networked to a high degree and place the highest demands on our digital solutions. They also expect the brand of their choice to stand up for sustainable values ​​and take responsibility for the environment. The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS fulfills all of these points and embodies sophisticated luxury in a more progressive way: The fully electric drive train not only enables consistently sustainable mobility, but also a new level of peace and relaxation for the passengers, ”says Britta Seeger, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes ‑ Benz AG, responsible for sales.

“The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS represents the transformation of the traditional luxury brand into a more progressive, fully electric future. Like every Maybach, it stands for sophisticated luxury in all its facets. The near-series concept vehicle proves that state-of-the-art electric drive technology and groundbreaking infotainment with MBUX Hyperscreen are perfectly combined with Maybach-typical craftsmanship and exquisite equipment. This passionate combination of meticulously perfected details creates a unique automotive luxury experience. With the future fully electric SUV series model, we are also implementing our claim to leadership in the high-end segment in electromobility, ”said Philipp Schiemer, Head of Top End Vehicle Group at Mercedes-Benz AG and Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Progressive luxury in the design typical of the brand

The concept vehicle is instantly recognizable as a member of the Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-EQ families and gives an outlook on the first fully electric SUV in the luxury segment. Based on the purely electric vehicle architecture, the shape consistently follows the purpose design. A dynamic silhouette stretches across the entire vehicle, starting over a deep front, flowing tightly over the inclined A-pillar and roof contour to the spoiler edge of the rear spoiler. The change into a new technological era can be seen at first glance.

Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS 8 Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

Seamless transitions, without breaks or edges, characterize the seamless design. Expressive surface modeling with muscular shoulders are further characteristic features. And numerous chrome applications set accents typical of the brand. The distinctive wheel arches with claddings in high-gloss black emphasize power and emotionality.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group: “With the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS we are transforming the brand into an electric future after 100 years. The futuristic design consists of an emotional integration of surfaces and shapes. The front with the progressive Maybach grill follows the principle of integration and gives the brand a completely new look. Together with the new aerodynamic SUV proportions, we are completely redefining the luxury SUV of the future. "

Chrome-plated Maybach pinstripes on the front and rear

The upright black panel front also flows seamlessly into the wraparound front hood and headlights. The LED lighting units stage the light with individual diamond blocks, framed with a fine-meshed network of the Maybach emblem. The filigree, vertical Maybach pinstripes in an elegant, three-dimensional depth look are chrome-plated and characterize the cooler in the new, innovative black panel technology. Noble chrome-plated, filigree slats can also be found on the air inlet of the bumper. This eye-catching design element is picked up again below the license plate holder at the rear in the bumper. The classic Maybach lettering on the front hood, the upright Mercedes star and the chrome-plated trim strip placed lengthways in the center of the hood pay homage to tradition.

Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS 7 Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

Exclusive two-tone paintwork and subtly positioned brand emblems

Another key distinguishing feature is the two-tone paintwork typical of the brand in obsidian black metallic and zircon red metallic with a fine pinstripe in chrome as a visual dividing line. Generous chrome surfaces not only extend over the air inlets and diffuser at the front and rear, but also frame the side windows with a dynamic chrome surround in 3D. The B-pillars are also chrome-plated and have been exclusively refined with a subtle brand emblem pattern. The Maybach “M” can also be found on the D-pillar.

The aerodynamically optimized running boards at the side have an individual inlay with the Maybach emblem. Generously dimensioned 24-inch light alloy wheels in Maybach bowl design with five short spokes and a flat middle section as well as Maybach lettering emphasize the exclusive appearance of the fully electric SUV.

Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS 1 Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

At the rear, the taillights set the sparkling highlight as a continuous helix light strip. They are animated from the outside in. The chrome-plated roof spoiler acts as a sporty, aerodynamic decorative element. Another exclusive equipment option are the automatic comfort doors at the front and rear. When the user approaches the vehicle, the door handles first extend. If you get closer, the driver's door opens automatically. The driver can also use MBUX to open the rear doors remotely.

Virtual interior as an emotional and stylish statement

The interior of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS is just as emotional and stylish as the exterior - implemented completely virtually. The lounge character promises luxurious travel at the highest level. The front seats show parallels to the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The first-class rear with two spacious single seats - also inspired by the S-class - and the high-end rear seat entertainment system guarantee maximum comfort on board. And because the SUV concept allows more seat height, the calf support could be made even larger. She lets her feet float over the “faux fur” floor covering.

Floating center console in the rear and plenty of freedom of movement

The center console appears to float like a continuous band from the cockpit to the rear seats, creating a particularly light and elegant impression of space with plenty of freedom of movement. In combination with a lot of indirect and direct ambient lighting, the impression of the room and interior components appear visually lighter and also seem to float. The standard vase insert invites you to bring seasonal floral arrangements and thus nature into the interior of the Maybach. Underneath, a large storage area offers plenty of space for utensils or for individual equipment options such as folding tables, a cup box or a cooling compartment.

Newly designed door panels with floating armrests and control elements in the look of elegant sideboards emphasize the luxurious and modern character of the interior. The color and material concept is inspired by the world of fashion. Perfect craftsmanship, high-quality materials and extraordinary details show a new level of exclusivity. The color combination of white and a deep dark blue creates a spacious and technically modern environment. A special highlight is the decorative element in white chrome look. Its rose gold-colored pilaster strips follow the shape perfectly. Additional rose gold-colored accents create an ideal contrast and contribute significantly to the luxurious appearance of the interior.

Another, unexpected contrast is brought into the interior by a fashion-inspired, progressive textile of the highest quality. It generously surrounds the rear seating area and continues to flash in details in the interior. A progressive graphic, printed on leather in the sky area, shows the perfect fusion of a traditional luxury material with modern technology.

MBUX Hyperscreen with Maybach-specific display styles

Another special eye-catcher in the interior is the MBUX hyperscreen with Maybach-specific display styles and content. This large, curved screen unit extends almost from the A-pillar to the A-pillar. Three screens sit under a cover glass and visually merge. With the 12,3-inch OLED display, the front passenger has his own display and operating area. The entertainment functions are only available there during the journey within the framework of the country-specific legal regulations. If the interior camera detects that the driver is looking at the front passenger display, it is automatically dimmed when certain content is displayed.

Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS 10 Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

With adaptive software thanks to artificial intelligence, MBUX adapts completely to its user. It makes personalized suggestions for numerous infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions. With the so-called zero layer, the most important applications are always offered situationally and in relation to the context on the top level in the field of vision. There is no need to search in submenus.

In the high-resolution display of the infotainment system there is an EQ tile in the main menu as a central access point to the specific displays and settings. These include charging current, departure time, energy flow and consumption histogram. In addition, the navigation and driving programs can be operated via the media display. In conjunction with Mercedes me connect, EV-specific navigation services and functions are also offered. This includes, for example, the display of charging stations, the electric range and optimized route planning, taking into account the state of charge, the weather or the traffic situation.

Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS 9 Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS: A Maybach under power!

In addition, round ventilation nozzles in high-gloss chrome, galvanized trim and the multifunction steering wheel from the VISION EQS, which is flattened at the top and bottom, underline the high-quality and modern look. The ambience light, which can be varied in many ways, also creates a stylish atmosphere.

Modular architecture also the basis for further electric SUVs

The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS is based on the modular architecture for electric vehicles in the luxury and upper class from Mercedes-Benz. On this basis, another fully electric model will appear, the EQS SUV, which will go into series production in 2022 before the Maybach. Here, too, the electric drive train ensures extremely smooth running and enables a new level of peace and relaxation in the interior. According to the WLTP, ranges of around 600 kilometers are planned for the Mercedes-EQS SUV architecture.

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Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS
A Maybach under power!
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