Wednesday 20th January 2021

Range Rover from Mcchip-DKR with 562 PS.

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The tuner Mcchip-DKR SoftwarePerformance has taken on the current model of the Range Rover. The 5.0 compressor that comes as standard with 510PS and 625NM has been optimized. The performance of the production model already makes the Range Rover one of the most powerful SUVs on the market, but Mcchip has seen further potential and implemented it mercilessly.

(Photos: Mcchip-DKR SoftwarePerformance)
Advantage of the whole, since the engine is also installed in the Jaguar, an increase in performance can also be achieved for these offers. The increase in performance was achieved through a modified software and a different pulley for the compressor. With 562PS and 713NM torque, the range is extremely well motorized for an SUV. Mcchip-DKR SoftwarePerformance has also removed the V-Max and so the range runs 265 km / h. One must not forget that one is sitting in a "castle" of a car.

10380588 10152740335941236 7047318903389283795 o Range Rover from Mcchip DKR with 562 PS.

Further modifications are not known to us at the moment, just as we did not receive any information about the prices. As soon as they are available we will inform you.

Smava tuning blog credit 12 Range Rover from Mcchip DKR with 562 PS.

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