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RENNtech Bodykit & Power for Mercedes E63 AMG W212 facelift

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Danger! There is an "update" for this post which contains new information (images, data, video). You will find the new information specially marked at the end of the article! The W212 AMG from Mercedes is chic. Especially in the facelift version, the current E-Class is an absolute eye-catcher from the factory. But for some, that's not enough, luckily! The guys around the RENNtech team have published two projects based on the MOPF (facelift) version of the Mercedes E-Class W212 E63 AMG that we absolutely have to show you. For the tuning, a Mercedes E63 AMG station wagon and the sedan were used as the base vehicle for which the tuner has put together a beautiful carbon body kit. After the tuning cure that the E-Class, whether station wagon or limo, was allowed to endure, both variants are much more exciting, more individual and also more dynamic than the production versions and convince with their very discreet appearance.

855PS in the T-model

Renntech Mercedes AMG E63 ST model Vossen VFS 1 tuning 2 RENNtech body kit & power for Mercedes E63 AMG W212 facelift

If you are thinking of buying an E63 AMG in the future or already own one, RENNtech is definitely an interesting starting point when it comes to differentiating the vehicle from the production model. As for the changes made to the optics or the technology, we have already learned the first details. As usual, we have listed what we know below in a summary. If you discover any further changes that we have not listed, just use the comment box and let us know! If you have more tuned vehicles like this one Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG station wagon or that too Mercedes GLE63 AMG Coupe from RENNtech just click on the tuner name below in the photo reference!

(Photos: RENNtech)

Here are the details of the Mercedes E63 AMG W212 facelift:

  • RENNtech Carbon Aerodynamic Part's (fits for W212 - E 63 AMG FaceLift MY 2014 + Sedan and
    Combi, carbon front splitter, carbon air ducts, carbon rear spoiler, carbon diffuser w / CMC,
    Carbon tailgate spoiler)
  • Carbon engine cowling
  • Optional Mercedes 722.9 Seven Speed ​​Transmission Upgrade
  • Lowering (KW Suspension Variant 3)
  • darkened windows all around
  • various performance increases - (669PS, 790PS, 855PS)
  • RENNtech sports exhaust system (downpipes, Rennkat, carbon tailpipes)
  • on both models, 20 inches are big Vossen Wheels Alloy wheels installed

Here are some pictures especially for Mercedes-AMG E63 S T-model and the 20 × 9 inch and 20 × 10,5 inch Vossen Wheels VFS-1 (VFS1) alloy wheels (tires 245/30 front and 285/25 rear).

Update from "23.03.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX"

There is new information about a 2016 Mercedes-Benz E 63 S AMG station wagon that we can of course not withhold from you. Renntech has made a performance upgrade on this model and achieved 850PS and 945lb-ft of torque.

  • ECU upgrade (chip tuning software)
  • Stage II turbocharger upgrade
  • Downpipes with w / 200 cell catalysts
  • Renntech Carbon Airbox
  • Diverter Valve
  • Sportluftfilter

Update from "15.03.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX"


RENNtech body kit Mercedes E63 AMG W212 facelift tuning 4 RENNtech body kit & power for Mercedes E63 AMG W212 facelift

RENNtech yesterday released some data about the RENNtech R2 E63S AMG with gearbox upgrade which we would like to share with you here.

  • TCU upgrade - 722.9 - 7-speed automatic
  • RENNtech performance level for an increase in performance to 716 HP | 826 TQ (725 PS & 1120 NM)
  • Available for the W212-E63S AMG from 2012 to 2017Acceleration values ​​ONLY with gearbox update
  • 0-60mph:
    3.37sec -> 3.09sec
  • 0-100mph:
    7.83sec -> 7.40sec
  • 60-130mph:
    9.90sec -> 9.40sec
  • 1 / 4mile:
    11.61sec@122mph -> 11.31sec@124mph

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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  1. Really love the Vossen VFS1 on the wagon and want to replicate this set up on my e63 wagon.

    Can you please mention what the ET offset is for these rims?

    Many thanks

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