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New look - EAH-Customs Rothmans-Style Audi TT on Super + MSP Alu's

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Did you want to know what a real transformation is? Then just click HERE and take a look at the Audi TT 8S from the tuner EAH-Customs from Heilbad Heiligenstadt. A good year ago, the TT was still on OZ Leggera alloy wheels in 8,5J x 20 inch ET45 with a striking golden finish and impressed with a relatively simple design in white including golden foiling. And now everything is different! And when we everything say we mean everything. Well at least almost 😀 The brake system of the Audi R8 with 365 x 34mm Wave front brake disc and the 356er x 22er disc from RS7 behind has remained. But the rest is new and sorry, but the TT looks viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiel hornier! Of course, the main focus is on the extremely eye-catching body wrapping in the Rothmans style that recalls the design of the 956 Porsche 1982 Le Mans.

EAH Customs Rothmans Style Audi TT HRE Tuning 7 New Look EAH Customs Rothmans Style Audi TT on Super + MSP Alu's

For those who are less familiar with the tobacco industry, Rothmans is a British tobacco company, foliation is in contrast to the many Martini Liverys but something completely different. But not only the Rothmans livery makes the difference but also the color-matching Super + MSP wheelset in 20 inches that replaces the above-mentioned OZ Alu's. The rims have almost the same format as the OZ rims from back then and are currently equipped with Hankook S1 Evo tires in 225 / 30-20 format. Particularly noticeable on the new rims is of course the white painted rim star that fits perfectly with the Rothmans foiling. If we are right that was built back then KW coilover suspension of variant 2 now replaced by one of variant 3 including dome bearings.

EAH Customs Rothmans Style Audi TT HRE Tuning 19 New Look EAH Customs Rothmans Style Audi TT on Super + MSP Alu's

This time, too, the specially developed KW chassis was delivered and installed in the variant. So that the extreme lowering and the lush 20-inch wheels also fit into the wheel arches, the front fenders were replaced with Mücke GRP fenders. Last but not least, a Clubsport roll bar from Heigo found its way into the completely empty rear, which was painted in chic white. As far as we know, the EAH Customs team released the TT at the beginning of August and we are of course pleased to be able to show you the pictures. After the extremely comprehensive tuning cure that the TT 8S was allowed to endure, it is now visually much more conspicuous and absolutely unmistakable compared to the production version without being exaggerated or even chubby.

Super + MSP Alu's & KW chassis

So if you have been secretly thinking of buying an Audi TT 8S for a long time, or if you are already a happy owner, EAH-Customs is definitely an interesting starting point when it comes to differentiating the vehicle from the production model. And for all those who are not necessarily located in the vicinity of the tuner, the vehicle may serve as a tuning template for the tuning partner on site.

As far as the further changes to optics or technology are concerned, we have tried to find out the most important details. As always, we have listed what came out of this in a small summary for you in the lower part of the article. If you discover more changes that we have missed, please use our comment box and let us know, we will then add them to the article as soon as possible.

Ps. You liked tuned Audi TT 8S? Then we have something for you, following a few examples of TT's that have already been published on tuningblog:

(Photos: EAH Customs /  Deep Sea PhotographyJürgen Bleikolb Photography, Car-Photo-ConceptDub-Zero-Fiveforgot someone? Then let us know ...)

These are the changes to the Audi TT:

  • Body wrapping in Rothmans style (design Porsche-956-Le Mans 1982, British tobacco company, by Glanzstück)
  • three-part Super + MSP rims (format 8,5 x 20 inches ET40 with Hankook S1 Evo tires in 225 / 30-20, white painted star)
  • Coilover Suspension Variant 3 with Strut Bearing made by KW (KW Stabi Kit)
  • Mücke Gfk fender
  • Brake system (from the Audi R8 front and rear from the RS7 the brake discs)
  • completely empty rear
  • Clubsport roll bar by Heigo
  • Factory 2 drive shafts rear

We are sure that we will receive some information and definitely new pictures and videos in the next few weeks. As soon as this is the case, we will of course add to the article and inform you about it.

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