The company was founded under the name Hatsudoki Seizo KK in Osaka 1907 and got 1957 the name Daihatsu. 1967 started the long-lasting partnership with Toyota, Daihatsu has been part of the Toyota Group since 1998. The trademark of the company is a stylized D that is supposed to resemble an ellipse. The focus of the company is on the construction of small vehicles, most of them belong to the Kei-Car-Class. However, Daihatsu first became known for building three-wheel commercial vehicles, such as the Midget MP4. From 1977 commercial vehicles were also imported to Germany. 1989 was finally founded the Daihatsu Germany GmbH based in Tönisvorst. Over the next decades, a not insignificant amount of small cars was sold in this country. Particularly well-known are the Cuore and the Charade. Although Daihatsu 2013 withdrew from the European market, the small cars continue to enjoy great popularity, including in the tuning sector. With autotuning, the vehicle can also be super individualized.