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2020 widebody Audi Ur-quattro with side pipes & turbofans

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Audi Ur quattro Widebody Header 2020 Widebody Audi Ur quattro with side pipes & turbofans

It is the ultimate quattro and a legend from the racing of yesteryear! The Audi quattro also called the Audi quattro and its body is based on the Audi B2 Coupe. The sports coupé was built from spring 1980 to mid-1991 and, with 11.452 units, was one of the first road vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive to be produced in large numbers. The ur-quattro has an immense share in the success story of the quattro drive and in general in the use of permanent all-wheel drive in road vehicles. And since we have become more and more so-called in recent years Restomod conversions got to see, the thought did not get out of our heads how a mix of an S1 as a so-called evolution model with the E2 known as wing monster and many components from the present would look like.

Widebody Audi Ur-quattro

Audi Ur quattro Widebody 3 2020 Widebody Audi Ur quattro with side pipes & turbofans

And so we got down to work and created an Audi quattro widebody that is essentially an unmistakable original quattro, has components from racing and contains some highlights of vehicles from today. Particularly striking is the angular front section, which draws attention to itself with a continuous LED bar including an illuminated Audi emblem. To do this, we installed ultra-modern, darkened LED headlights and the additional lights in the front apron are equipped with LED technology. And like many current Audi vehicles, the rear section also has a continuous light strip. However, one that also includes an integrated quattro lettering on the rear. The significantly widened body is a mix of Sport Quattro E2 (Standard 200 quattro), S1 (B264) and a few very own ideas such as the transparent bonnet, which reveals a look at the five-cylinder four-valve engine.

+900 hp are not unrealistic

Audi Ur quattro widebody engine 2020 Widebody Audi Ur quattro with side pipes & turbofans

But it is no longer standard and therefore no longer used the K27 turbocharger from back then. In combination with many other modifications and an enlarged turbocharger, it now has +900 hp and should therefore also fit perfectly into the present. And the tremendous power comes with the aluminum rims turbofans and the proven Quattro all-wheel drive optimally on the road. Our Restomod-ur-quattro is significantly lower, has one on both sides Sidepipe sport exhaust system installed and an interior that is radically designed for tough racing use with a welded-in cage, bucket seats and digital instrument cluster. Our interpretation of the ur-quattro is rounded off with a large number of small aerodynamic parts, various air openings, a fat rear wing and an aggressive rear diffuser. We are curious whether a manufacturer of body components will perhaps use our pictures as a template for a possible body kit. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new, you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures.

cb no thumbnail 2020 Widebody Audi Ur quattro with sidepipes & turbo fans

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These are the details of the widebody Audi Ur-quattro:

  • Paint all around in black
  • Front section with continuous LED bar including illuminated Audi emblem
  • darkened LED headlights
  • Additional lights in the front apron with LED technology
  • Rear section with light strip and integrated quattro lettering
  • Body kit (fender flares in the front and rear, modified front apron with large air intakes and front spoiler, transparent bonnet with several air openings, side skirts including side pipe sports exhaust system, fixed double rear wing, rear diffuser)
  • Five-cylinder four-valve engine with many modifications and +900 hp
  • Alloy wheels with turbofans
  • Interior with cage, bucket seats, digital instrument cluster
  • Lowering (Airride Air Suspension)

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2020 widebody Audi Ur-quattro

Audi Ur quattro Widebody 3 2020 Widebody Audi Ur quattro with side pipes & turbofans

Audi Ur quattro Widebody 4 2020 Widebody Audi Ur quattro with side pipes & turbofans

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 2020 widebody Audi Ur quattro with sidepipes & turbo fans

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