Thursday 21st October 2021

Spin: first e-scooter provider with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

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Spin three-wheel e scooter Europe 1 Spin: first e scooter supplier with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

Spin was the world's first e-scooter supplier to be certified in accordance with the “Micro Mobility Standard” developed by DEKRA DIGITAL. After a comprehensive check, DEKRA DIGITAL comes to the conclusion: Spin's measures and precautions correspond to the DEKRA DIGITAL security standard for micromobility. Spin is making its e-scooter range in 18 German cities even more trustworthy - Siegburg was added as a new city just yesterday.

Spin with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

dekra Micro Mobility Standard Spin: first e-scooter provider with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

After a detailed review process, the micromobility company Spin has received confirmation from an independent source: The measures taken in terms of security and sustainability are compliant with the "Micro Mobility Standard" defined by DEKRA DIGITAL. The certificate is only awarded if a micromobility provider meets high security standards in eight categories and also acts sustainably. “We are the first e-scooter supplier in the world to have received such a certificate,” says Hendrik Büchner, Country Manager Germany at Spin, “and that is a clear sign that Spin takes its sustainability and safety promises very seriously. "

Intensive test procedure in accordance with the micromobility standard with over 120 test points

In a comprehensive process, DEKRA DIGITAL tested the Spin e-scooter range in over 120 test points from eight categories. In addition to the technical design, production, delivery and recycling of the e-scooters, the maintenance procedure, user-friendliness, handling of data protection and cooperation with cities were also examined. “We were able to provide appropriate evidence for all requirements and thus demonstrate which measures we are taking to meet the standard. Various departments were involved in this, it was a real joint project for us, ”explains Büchner.

Spin 250 E Scooter 2 Spin: first E Scooter supplier with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

The micromobility standard introduced by DEKRA DIGITAL at the end of 2019 is intended to help meet the challenges for e-scooters in road traffic in the best possible way, especially with regard to safety. With the successful certification, Spin makes a significant contribution and offers a sustainable and safe alternative for the first and last mile in cities. “DEKRA DIGITAL stands for safe innovations in a digitized world. With our “Micro Mobility Standard”, we are therefore also using our expertise as a neutral third party for more security and sustainability in new mobility concepts, ”says Dr. Kerim Galal, Managing Director of DEKRA DIGITAL.

A large number of international experts from the DEKRA Group were involved in the testing process, including from the areas of vehicle safety, homologation, product testing and connectivity. “After an intensive examination, we can confirm that Spin operates in accordance with our“ Micro Mobility Standard ”. In this way, Spin meets the security and sustainability requirements defined in the standard, ”says Dr. Galal on.

Partner for cities and people

Upon completion of the successful testing process, Spin is officially an independently certified micromobility company that meets the security and sustainability requirements defined in the “Micro Mobility Standard”. Accordingly, DEKRA DIGITAL issues a certificate that is valid until the end of April 2022.

Spin 250 E Scooter Spin: first E Scooter supplier with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

“In this way, we again show transparently and officially what quality people find in us,” explains Hendrik Büchner. This is important not only for customers, but also for other groups involved, such as city administrations, pedestrian associations or data protectionists. "We are thus further establishing ourselves as partners for both citizens and cities."

Spin 250 E Scooter 4 Spin: first E Scooter supplier with DEKRA DIGITAL seal!

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