Wunderlich Adventure Parts & Accessories for the Ducati DesertX!

Wunderlich Adventure Parts Accessories Ducati DesertX 2023 3

Passion. Unlimited. That's the slogan that expresses the whole DNA of Wunderlich Adventure. Founded in April 2022, the specialists for high-quality motorcycle accessory components initially started with an in-depth program for the Harley-Davidson Pan America. And with great success! But this was only the beginning.

Wunderlich Adventure presents Parts & Accessories for the Ducati Icon DesertX

In addition, Herbert Schwarz – Wunderlich Adventure brand ambassador:"The DesertX is to our liking: It is the fusion of classic enduro elements with contemporary technology. With its 21” front wheel, dual headlights and a not at all pompous look that undoubtedly seeks homage to the 40-year-old classic 80's Dakar cars, it seems way ahead of the times. The design looks like a perfectly balanced distillate of lightness - in the sense of low weight - and performance. These ingredients and the pleasant lightness of their character are what make them so desirable.

Wunderlich Adventure Parts Accessories Ducati DesertX 2023 2

The extensive range of high-quality, professional accessory components that we have developed for Ducati DesertX drivers is in every respect at the excellent level that one knows from Wunderlich and can also expect! In doing so, we absolutely take into account the special character of the DesertX. Our Adventure Parts for the DesertX are expected to be available and available to order from April 29, 2023, i.e. for Wunderlich Anfahrt 2023! Time to kick up some dust in Italian!”

Save the date! The bike can be seen exclusively at the following trade fairs:

  • First time on
    27/29.01.2023-XNUMX/XNUMX at the Moto Bike Expo MBE in Verona, then from 03.-05.02.2023 at the bike-austria in Tulln, in the period from February 22-26.02.2023, XNUMX at the Salon du deux roues in Lyon and at the end of 02.-05.03.2023 at the motorbikes in Dortmund.
  • April 29, 2023 Wunderlich Arrival at the Wunderlich Corporate Headquarters in 53501 County Rings

Popular Come on: BOLT ON! Campaign for the DesertX

For the introduction of the DesertX range, Wunderlich Adventure is once again launching one of its popular Come on: BOLT ON! Promotions in which participants have the chance to win exclusive parts worth up to €2.000 to equip their Ducati DesertX. On request, the Wunderlich two-wheeler technicians in the workshop service center at the company headquarters will also take care of the installation for the winner!

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Wunderlich Adventure presents Parts & Accessories for the Ducati icon DesertX
Photo credit: Wunderlich
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