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Brembo Greentive® - new brake disc with mirror effect!

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Brembo Greentive® brake disc mirror effect tuning 2 Brembo Greentive® new brake disc with mirror effect!

Brembo recently received the Compasso d'Oro ADI award for its new Formula E brake caliper. The "Compasso d'Oro" was presented to Alberto Bombassei (President of Brembo) in the ADI Design Museum in Milan and was the 26th event of the Compasso d'Oro ADI and is organized by the Association for Industrial Design ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) organized. The award is practically the Oscar of Italian design. And now another Brembo product is on the rise. The Greentive brake disc. Brembo has always followed certain values ​​and principles out of respect for people and the environment. Brembo is now stepping up its commitment to sustainability with its own products and helping to reduce emissions with its braking systems. That's why Brembo is proud to present the new Greentive® brake disc. This new brake disc is characterized by an innovative, environmentally friendly coating that is produced using HVOF technology (High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel - high-speed flame sprayingBrembo's decades of experience in developing braking systems have made it possible to introduce this new brake disc with the most technologically advanced features. This is especially designed for the premium and luxury vehicle segment and takes into account the latest trends in the automotive industry.


Brembo Greentive® brake disc mirror effect Tuning Brembo Greentive® new brake disc with mirror effect!

The name Greentive® stands for the fusion of the two words "GREEN" (green) and "DISTINCTIVE" (distinctive) and expresses the most important properties of these brakes. The first term emphasizes the environmentally friendly aspect and the second the elegance and recognizability of the brake disc.Thanks to its special friction surface, Greentive® has very little wear, which significantly extends the service life of the brake disc and creates less brake dust. This not only protects the environment, but also keeps the rims cleaner, and the coating is characterized by a high level of corrosion resistance. This property is particularly advantageous in the new generation of electric cars due to the different uses of the braking system.

a brake disc with a mirror effect

Brembo Greentive® brake disc mirror effect tuning 3 e1600330713381 Brembo Greentive® new brake disc with mirror effect!

Greentive® impresses in design with its mirror effect as well as with its elegance and expressiveness. This effect is further enhanced by the Brembo logo on the surface of the brake ring, which underlines the brand identity. At the same time, it serves as an indication of when the brake disc needs to be replaced. Greentive® is the brake disc that embodies the most advanced technological solution in terms of sustainability, always providing the highest level of performance and paying particular attention to style This new coating technology can be used on the braking surfaces of all types of Brembo brake discs: on lightweight discs as well as on one-piece, on dual-cast discs or on two-piece, floating discs.

new Enesys, Energy Saving System®

Brembo's commitment to the environment and sustainability is not just limited to this, it encompasses all areas - starting with the first phase of research and development. This clearly underlines the strong interest in introducing ever more sustainable products, solutions and processes, where even the small details make the difference. This is the case with Enesys. Enesys, Energy Saving System® is the new braking system solution from Brembo. A technical innovation that further improves the efficiency and performance of a vehicle's braking system and also contributes to reducing emissions. Enesys stands for ENErgy Saving sYStem (energy saving system). The name of the new generation of Brembo brake spring technology that reduces residual braking torque. The function of the spring is to allow the brake pads to return to their original position in the caliper after the brake pedal has been released. This avoids undesirable friction between the brake pads and the brake disc. Thanks to Enesys, Energy Saving System®, this process is further improved, resulting in several clear advantages.

Spring reduces contact between pads & discs

The new spring reduces possible contacts that may still exist between the brake pads and the brake disks at the point in time when the driver does not apply the brake. This small but extremely efficient solution helps reduce emissions and reduce energy waste. This guarantees an increase in the overall performance of the vehicle with the same engine, the same output and the same weight. Enesys, Energy Saving System® also helps reduce vehicle emissions, as it limits the wear on the brake pad and brake disc and the amount of damage caused by residual friction brake dust is reduced. If excessive wear is avoided, the maintenance requirements of the products are reduced and their service life is extended.

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