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Despite the e-car and hybrid boom, the average car on our streets has never been as old as it is today. According to statistics, the sound barrier of 2022 years was broken for the first time in 10. Due to the "aging" of the vehicle population, minor injuries and defects are also likely to increase. At the same time, inflation, war and delivery bottlenecks are causing workshop prices to rise. As a result, numerous car owners, as well as camper van and motorbike drivers, will probably prefer to do without professional repairs for minor damage. The do-it-yourself products from QUIXX represent an interesting alternative, which nevertheless helps garages to generate new sales and their customers to an intact car.

DIY for dents, paint, glass and Co.

QUIXX Managing Director Michael Scherzer presents the product

The company from Neuried near Munich is now presenting its exciting portfolio to the public at Automechanika (September 13 to 17, 2022) for the first time - at stand D42 in hall 9.1. A very decisive factor is the applicability, which can also be easily understood by laypersons. The surface rescuers from QUIXX have around 25 years of experience when it comes to DIY repairs of minor damage to vehicles. Many products can be used not only in cars and motorcycles, but also in mobile homes, private aircraft, boats or in the home. In 2022, the portfolio of the well-known EVI GmbH brand has grown to 14 items, which cover a large number of typical damage scenarios: whether scratched (acrylic) glass, scratches or dents in the paint, quirks in leather and plastic surfaces, weathered tires and Plastics, "blind" headlights or dull metal surfaces.

QUIXX Multi Repair cloth pack

The latest addition to the range is the Multi Repair Wipe. This is a pack of two soaked disposable wipes that are perfect for removing minor scratches, rust film, foreign paint build-up and stubborn dirt like bird droppings. It could hardly be more user-friendly and practical. With an RRP of EUR 3,99, the Multi Repair Wipe is the cheapest product in the QUIXX range. But the other items rarely cost more than 20 euros and thus encourage impulse purchases - for example because you already have a specific repair problem or at least expect it to happen in the future. With its eye-catching coloring in orange, black and red, the high-quality-looking packaging also attracts a great deal of attention. The products from QUIXX are therefore perfect takeaway items for shops in car and motorcycle workshops, tire shops, the parts trade or even gas stations.

QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover

QUIXX dent repair set

QUIXX rim repair set

QUIXX glass scratch remover

QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover

QUIXX paint repair pen

QUIXX Paint Stone Chip Repair Set

QUIXX Leather & Vinyl Repair Set

QUIXX Metal Restoration Set

QUIXX Multi Repair Cloth

QUIXX window repair set

QUIXX headlight restoration set

QUIXX Black plastic paint

QUIXX Black tire color

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