What do the colored dots or stripes on new tires mean?

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Some of them are sure to be colorful dots or stripes noticed on new tires. But what is the meaning? Especially since some tires do not have the markings. The question quickly arises as to whether tires without the markings can perhaps even be used. We are happy to explain why there is nothing to worry about in either case.

Where do the markings come from?

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The colored stripes come about in the course of production. The marking is intended to avoid errors in the assignment of the tires, both during and after tire manufacture. The color of the stripes as well as their placement provide information about the Size and characteristics the tires. However, every manufacturer has their own type of marking and this is completely unimportant for you as the end user, as you have the information on a other way get.

My tires have no markings!

This is not a problem, as mentioned above, every manufacturer works in a different way. In no case are the tires already used just because they have neither dots nor stripes. As a consumer, you should use the marking patterns no meaning give. The color codes are only important for the employees in production.

What do red and yellow dots on tires mean?

There is also this phenomenon, a red dot on the side of the tire. Sometimes yellow dots are also applied. Again, these are internal markings only the manufacturer that is totally for the consumer are irrelevant. With some manufacturers, the yellow and red dots give an indication of the maximum swing of the radial force. For example with Bridgestone tires with the help of a red dot. Colorful dots on the tires, however, often show the position of the valves. In some cases, you can have your new tires subjected to a quality test at a white point with black center recognize. But all information does not necessarily have to be manufacturer-independent and, as mentioned before, it is not a shortcoming if you do not find any of the markings.

Colorful Dots Stripes Meaning New Tires

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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  1. Incorrect. The colored stripes indicate the direction the tires pull when placed on a test roller. They must be offset when installed to prevent pulling…

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