Action guaranteed: the Rolling 1/4 Mile on June 19.06.2022th, XNUMX!

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Just go full throttle without fear of consequences? That's probably the dream of many drivers of super sports cars or high-performance top models. What else would a petrolhead drive a powerful car for? The company "Speed ​​Days" is based in Dortmund and has its origins in 2016. The goal of a group of friends was to spend a fast and fun day with their fast cars at an airport rented especially for this purpose. One of the founders at the time was Matthias Freitag. He quickly realized the great potential of the event concept. So he decided to start his own company. He organizes with his company speed days since then professional. He wants to share the fun of fast cars and car racing with others from Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands.

19.06.2022/1/4 – The Rolling XNUMX/XNUMX Mile

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And in mid-June the next event is scheduled for the airfield in Meinerzhagen. That Rolling ¼ Mile Event is a unique event in Germany in this form and will be repeated for the eighth time on June 19.06.2022th, XNUMX. You always take part in the duels flying start and a Starting speed of 60 km/h. The number of participants is limited to 100 vehicles, which are divided into five different groups according to their performance. In group 1 there are about everyday vehicles with 200 to 400 hp and in group 5 the absolute hp monsters drive with performance in the four-digit range. The entry fee including driver is 159,00 euros per car. Registrations are accepted by e-mail with the subject "Rolling ¼ Mile Vol. 8" to the address In addition to co-drivers, car-enthusiastic spectators are also welcome. Tickets for these are available in the ticket shop for 19 euros per person. Children under the age of 12 even get free entry. Visitors get their money's worth with thrilling racing action and a specially designed exhibitor area. Under the tickets are available online.

Auto-Events – Other events of all kinds

Speed ​​Days organized alongside drag race also events such as international sports car tours, track days or car meetings. Matthias Freitag and his dedicated team are therefore constantly on the lookout for new event formats and suitable event locations. They also fulfill special requests if necessary. The next highlight after the Rolling ¼ Mile is already in the starting blocks. Speed-Days is organizing a gigantic season end event on September 25.09.2022th, 5.000, also at the airfield in Meinerzhagen. This event offers up to 2.000 participants and XNUMX vehicles. In addition, thanks to the dealer and food mile, it will be a real festival for car fans. It is best to mark this date in your calendar today!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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