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Tuning - what actually is tuning? And what is going on…

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BMW 3er G20 M Sport 3D Design Tuning Carbon Parts 39 1 Tuning What is Tuning? And what is going on...


Car Tuning refers to the subsequent conversion of a vehicle in order to enhance it either visually or to increase the performance. Tuning is now very popular among vehicle enthusiasts, which is why it can certainly be regarded as a hobby. To customize a car to your personal preference, you can either remove existing components of the car or add tuning parts. One differentiates the following interventions:

engine tuning

Chiptuning JDEngineering 463PS VW Golf 6 R20 2.0 TFSI 6 Tuning What is Tuning? And what is going on...The engine tuning describes the increase in performance of internal combustion engines. One method is the acceleration of the charge cycle, ie the supply and removal of the combustion gases, thus increasing the medium pressure and therefore the power of the engine.
Also one manages by one capacity enlargement a large fuel availability.
A third variant of the engine tuning is the Speed ​​increase.

Suspension Tuning

Airride Turbo Vossen VFS 5 Rims Tuning Ford Mustang GT 2 Tuning What is Tuning? And what is going on...The suspension tuning refers to the replacement of springs and shock absorbers. It serves to optimize the vehicle's position in bends, but also has the background to give the car a sportier appearance. Two methods are inexpensive: the assembly of stabilizers or alternatively that Lowered the body. In the latter, you shift the center of gravity of the car. Sometimes the tuning is done only by changing the spring rate. In this simple way, however, threaten the shock absorbers to wear because they are not tuned to the suspension. Through a connection through strut struts you can support their performance. The replacement of bearing rubbers ensures improved steering. Somewhat more elaborate is the car tuning with sports suspension, These tuning parts replace springs and shock absorbers. Coilovers are special sports suspensions, which are height adjustable. Continue to change Rims or tire File

On television you often see “jumping” cars, where the body or even the tires suddenly lift by means of hydraulic or pneumatic pumps. This form of tuning is called lowrider and is even operated in America in the form of a competition.

body Tuning

Bodykit Toyota Hiace 2000 2016 Bus Airride 1 Tuning What is Tuning? And what is going on...

Changes to the body serve either the visual beautification or the driving dynamics. Further, by merely exchanging the doors, any purpose remains.

Interior and audio tuning

To enhance the value of his car, you build higher-quality tuning parts in the vehicle interior. These may be leather seats or dashboards, for example. In particular, young vehicle tuners like to install speakers on or instead of the back seat. Non-branded accessories are very popular here.

Alfa Romeo Mito Tuning Interior Vilner 10 Tuning What is Tuning? And what is going on...

traffic admissibility

Tuning may change the type of vehicle or the noise and exhaust emissions. Just as with existing endangerment of other road users due to the intervention or the installation of additional lighting, the car is then no longer permitted. A crop approval drops this verdict.

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