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More effectiveness for the turbo engine: The Turbo Inlet!

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The heart of every car is the engine. So that this has a lot of power, many manufacturers and tuners rely on a turbocharger to get power from the same cubic capacity. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: More air comes into the combustion chamber because it is pushed in with high pressure. More air means more chemical reaction and therefore more power. Of the turbocharger is like a small turbine that sits in front of the engine. It is powered by exhaust gases, hence the term exhaust gas turbocharger. The energy, the pressure and the exhaust gases are used to force fresh air into the engine.

What is a Turbo Inlet?

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The problem with a turbocharger is that it would have to be exposed for optimal performance. The air would then be unfiltered and would come directly from the engine compartment. To prevent this from happening, the turbocharger is connected to the intake hose via a so-called turbo inlet. The turbo inlet is called the inlet bend in German and colloquially also called the elbow.

What does the turbo inlet do?

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The turbo inlet connects the intake hose to the turbo charger in such a way that the diameter of the hose is reduced to the diameter of the turbo charger.

Are there different variants?

There are big differences. The series components already deliver quite good results for the series turbocharger. Manufacturers optimize their parts for good performance. However, if you have a different turbocharger or changed the installed one, it is also worthwhile using a new turbo inlet, often as a set Turbo Outlet and Airpipe / intake pipeto think about. The turbo inlet must also be adapted with a different suction hose. Many manufacturers of turbo inlets design their parts as follows: The diameter of the intake hose remains constant until just before the turbocharger and is reduced abruptly. It is almost always an aluminum pipe with a welded connection piece. That might look cool, but it has nothing to do with optimized airflow.

well-known manufacturers deliver better results

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On the other hand, there are manufacturers (such as APR) who design various components, try them out in simulations and real tests and then manufacture a single part from aluminum using casting technology. This has the advantage that there are no restrictions in the shape of the part and an optimal air flow can be achieved. The aim is to reduce the suction resistance. The higher the boost pressure, the more air the turbocharger must be able to suck in. It works against the suction resistance, which should therefore be kept as low as possible. With a good turbo inlet, the turbine has to work less with the same output and has more reserves available.

Are there any legal concerns?

Conditional: On the one hand, the increase in performance must be measured and entered in the vehicle registration document. Whether a turbo inlet produces measurable differences must be measured and entered in each individual case. In addition, the turbo inlet must be entered in the vehicle registration document. For this there is often Individual reports or "in connection with" entries. The latter is needed if not only the inlet but also other parts that are related to the intake tract have been modified. For example, the vehicle registration document says: open air filter i. Vm (in connection with) Turboinlet (brand).

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