Tuesday 11th May 2021

When it comes to car tuning you are right here

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How do you tell what car tuning / vehicle tuning means!

Auto tuning / vehicle tuning means:

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The word vehicle tuning is derived from the English word “to tune” for “tuning” or “harmonizing”. With the car tuning / vehicle tuning you can make an individual change to motor vehicles or motorbikes, but also to buses, trucks, boats and whatever else there is. The purpose of auto tuning / vehicle tuning is to optimize the means of transport, mostly by increasing the performance and changing the look. The driving characteristics are also often improved with car tuning / vehicle tuning. The sound is of course not neglected in car tuning / vehicle tuning and so it is usually much louder on tuned cars.

The true term autotuning / vehicle tuning in the literal sense actually means fine tuning and actually refers to the engine, the aerodynamics and the body. If you embellish the auto tuning / vehicle tuning in a broader sense, it also means, for example, boring out the cylinders to increase the displacement, the installation of compressors or turbochargers to supercharge the engine, nitrous oxide injection and also the installation of engines with larger displacement. Curious? Then have a look at "atb-tuning.de" or Auto Technik Bihler & Co. and get an offer for your vehicle!

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