Tuesday 19th October 2021


The two Britons Keith Durckworth and Mike Costin had the idea of ​​founding a company in 1958 to equip racing cars of that time with performance-enhancing auto-tuning parts. At that time, the company found a gap that had not yet been filled by so many providers. The two founders gave their company the name Cosworth - a combination - Costin first - of both surnames. A milestone in the history of the company, based in Northampton, approx. 100 km from London, was the development and sale of the Kent engine for the Ford Anglia 105 E for an English club racquet. With this product, Cosworth was able to establish itself on the market and stands today for unrivaled tuning products. Even though the brand has been sold several times, the quality of the products has not changed. Also the developmental joy of today's responsible persons continues to be driven forward in the spirit of the founders Durckworth and Costin.