Sunday March 7th 2021


Fresh from the showroom: new, tuned logo for

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tuningblog 2020 logo new scaled e1605361716298 Fresh from the showroom: New, tuned logo for

Tuning for our logo too - our new logo is now the figurehead for and despite the brand new design we are still available in the well-known quality. Same quality, same standards, same entertainment and all in a brand new guise. This insight into the small rebranding reveals what makes our logo tuning so special.

Autotuning in a new look - our modern logo shines like never before

As an independent tuning blog, it is always important to us to put together the latest information, the best tips and the most exciting reports. But that can only work if we are not just a loose collection of high-quality parts, but have the components under the hood of a strong brand. Accordingly, it is important to us contemporary, to ensure and iconic showcase. has been around since 2013 and since then we have only revised our logo very subtly. So it's time to break with tradition and take design to the next level.

Our new logo meets the high standards of our brand and combines the strong color scheme of black, white and of course orange against the background of a low-profile tire on a three-part forged rim. So you not only read at first glance what our new logo stands for, but also feel the dynamism. With the metallic reflections, we consciously remind of chrome and car paint and combine our passion for car tuning with the new flagship of our brand.

Look good, perform better - our personal tuning on the logo

With our new logo it is clear what is all about: We stand with a strong and modern awareness of our brand, ready for the next step. We are digital, changeable and don't shy away from tinkering with our own logo. It goes without saying that nothing changes in the quality of our content or the variety of our articles. We are really getting started with our new logo. And how could that be more beautiful than behind an aesthetically tuned body?

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