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For the ultimate traction - low pressure tires on the car!

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Avtoros Shaman 8x8 Ambulance 7 For the ultimate traction low-pressure tires on the car!

Low-pressure tires have a significantly lower air pressure than other tire variants. Tires with a higher pressure are, for example, narrow-gauge tires. The tires have a pressure between 1,5 bar and 5 bar, depending on requirements, while the high-pressure variants run with at least 6 bar and even more pressure. Low pressure tires are mainly used in agriculture and forestry. But also on modified off-roaders and special vehicles like this Avtoros Shaman 8 × 8. The advantages of low-pressure tires for agriculture and forestry are explained below.

Low pressure tires - what makes them special?

Low pressure tires Balloon tires Tuning Offroad For the ultimate traction Low pressure tires on the car!

Arable and forest areas should not be driven on with high-pressure tires. High-pressure tires, especially narrow-gauge versions, could damage the ground. In order to protect the soil in the forest and arable areas, tire manufacturers offer robust low-pressure tires that can carry more than just the weight of the vehicle. The tires offer a high load capacity and a particularly large contact area. Thanks to the innovative manufacture of low-pressure tires, the soil can be preserved and fuel saved. And that applies not only to the field, but also to all other soils that should suffer as little damage as possible when driven over. High-quality low-pressure tires can also withstand enormous leverage, which for example ensures that the weight rests on two tires. High-quality low-pressure tires can also withstand strong lateral forces without any problems. In the forest area, the tires have to stand on rootstocks, branches or sharp-edged stones and at the same time withstand an enormous weight. The resulting shear forces are easily withstood by high-quality low-pressure tires.

What are low pressure tires made of?

Low pressure tires Balloon tires Tuning Offroad 3 For the ultimate traction Low pressure tires on the car!

The tires usually have fabric inserts as well as resistant rubber compounds. Furthermore, depending on the manufacturer and application, they can be fitted with steel inserts. For the forest sector, low-pressure tires fitted with steel are of interest, which have stiffer flanks and treads than low-pressure tires for the agricultural sector. In general, low-pressure tires should offer fuel savings, protect the ground and at the same time be armed against enormous shear forces and leverage. Manufacturers of low-pressure tires usually specify the corresponding floor and work suitability in the product descriptions in detail.

Low-pressure tires for all-wheel drive vehicles and farm tractors

Low pressure tires are available in many variants. When buying, you should make sure that the tires are suitable for the respective vehicle and the extreme loads. For example, variants with low air pressures can be purchased, which are intended for powerful agricultural tractors and offer a high load capacity and large contact areas for the arable area. This is an advantage if the field is to be spared and at the same time fuel has to be saved. Low-pressure tires for the forest sector are also available in stores. You should also pay attention to variants for all-wheel drive vehicles, special expedition vehicles and other possible types of drive such as 6 × 6 or 8 × 8. The tires must be suitable for the respective purpose and should withstand extreme loads. It is therefore advisable to only purchase high-quality low-pressure tires from well-known manufacturers.

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