Fiat is an Italian car brand that was founded in 1899. Just one year after the company was founded, the first Fiat rolled off the assembly line, the 3,5 HP. In the years that followed, other vehicles such as the 8 HP, 10 HP and 12 HP came onto the market. Fiat soon started exporting to England, France and the USA. The company was also very successful in racing. The Fiat 1911 HP Record, presented in 300, set a new world speed record. In the 1930s, Fiat was able to achieve new sales records with the Spider and Torpedo models. The automobile manufacturer celebrated its greatest successes in the 60s. The Fiat 127 and 128 were even awarded the title “European Automobile of the Year”. Fiat brand vehicles are very popular with tuning fans. All sorts of accessories for upgrading the Fiat can be purchased in specialist auto tuning shops.

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