The English car brand Vauxhall was already founded 1857 and produced in the early years steam engines, steam boilers, pumps and lifts for shipping. Since 2017 belongs Vauxhall, together with the Adam Opel AG, to the French group Group PSA. The first passenger cars were, after a name change and the move to Luton in Bedfordshire, 1905 off the line. Previously, the Vauxhall 5 hp model attempted to enter the marketplace between 1903 and 1904. This one succeeded, if only on a small scale. The first production car was the Vauxhall type A, which was produced in four versions and was also suitable for connoisseurs for vehicle tuning. This was followed by models such as the C "Prince Henry" in the year 1914 or the Silent 80 which was produced between 1931 - 1933. All in all, over the decades Vauxhall has been able to bring 40 models onto the market, some of which are very popular in the tuning scene. Since the seventies, Vauxhall no longer has its own development department. It is used on the model range of the company Opel. The latest model is the Vauxhall Adam, known here in Germany as Opel Adam.

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