Extremely bold - SR66 Design Widebody Audi S5 Coupe (B8)

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SR66 Design Widebody Audi S5 Coupe B8 Tuning 23

Audi deliberately raises the strong for years RSModel of the weaker ones SVehicles. The changes usually concern the bumpers, which have larger air intakes on an "RS", the typical RS radiator grille with honeycomb design, the wider fenders and side walls and almost always there is also a sports exhaust system with large oval tailpipes on the right and left. That you can also get an "S" or can appear more powerful than an "RS" that is what the Polish tuner would like us to do SR66 design with a completely rebuilt S5 (8T - first generation). The company has already converted two vehicles and, as far as we know, the extensive body kit, apart from the RS, can be installed on every A5 of the series produced from 2007 to 2017.

SR66 Design Widebody Audi S5 Coupe B8 Tuning 22

Optically, they clearly lean on the RS, but with a lot of accents and details for an even more powerful appearance. Front there is a completely new bumper with large air vents and clear widening the same spoiler lip and the typical RS5 grille in black with Audi emblem brings. The wide design of the apron turns into a new widebody fenders and its lines are taken up by the matching side skirts. Seamless is the transition to the much widened side walls and adapted to it is the massive widebody rear apron.

SR66 Design Widebody Audi S5 Coupe B8 Tuning 24

It comes with air vents on the right and left and also has a sporty diffuser with distinctive fins integrated. The brilliant appearance is visually rounded off with a fixed rear spoiler which is screwed directly onto the tailgate and comes in a gooseneck design. The S5, which was originally painted white, was also given an eye-catching multi-colored racing film by "Wrap Collabo" after only a short time, and a new set of wheels and lowering could not be missing. For the wheelset, the decision was made for Turismo Design forged wheels in huge 20 × 11 inches all around the particularly convincing with the huge low bed and the 5 double-spoke optics.

SR66 Design Widebody Audi S5 Coupe B8 Tuning 2

The wheelset comes with an aluminum matt rim base and a brushed-clear (pure aluminum coated with clear lacquer) rim star and sits by means of D2 Racing AirSuspension Air Suspension consistently and perfectly fitting in the widened wheel arches. And finally, in addition to increased visibility, the S5 would of course also be "heard" and so SR66 Design built another one Armytrix stainless steel sports exhaust system with matt black tailpipes in typical S5 look. More details are currently not available. If we receive timely information on other changes not mentioned before, there is of course as always an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

SR66 Design Audi S5 ⍟ Turismo ⍟ RaceISM

In case some of you missed it - here it is. Official promo movie of our # sr66design #widebody #audi # project⍟ widebody & project: SR66 Design⍟ wheels: 20 × 11 - Turismo forged 2tlg wheels⍟ suspension: D2 Racing Sport airride⍟ exhaust: Armytrix Automotive Weaponized⍟ wrapping: Wrap Collabo⍟ support: Raceism.com / carlifestyle.pl– up next… –⍟ boost: TBA⍟ brakes: TBALooking to get a car like this? Write us a PM for more info!

Posted by SR66 design on Wednesday, 1. August 2018

(Photos: SR66 design)

These are the changes to the Audi S5 Coupe (B8):

  • SR66 Design Wide-Bodykit (bumper with large air vents and spoiler lip, RS5 grille, widebody mudguard, side skirts, sidewall spacers, rear apron with diffuser, fixed rear spoiler)
  • partial foiling in racing look by "Wrap Collabo" (possibly using 3M foil)
  • Wheelset: Turismo Design forged wheels in 20 × 11 inches (5 double-spoke look, aluminum matt rim base)
  • Michelin tires
  • Armytrix stainless steel sports exhaust system with matt black tailpipes in S5 look
  • Lowering (D2 Racing AirSuspension Air Suspension)
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)

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SR66 Design widebodies Audi S5 Coupe (B8)

also equipped with SR66 design widebody kit

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